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After installing iTunes the DVD/CD drive is disabled. I deselected "Use iTunes for default player", but the DVD/CD drive was still disabled. Is there a way to reenable the DVD/CD drive after installing iTunes?


Dell Vostro 1500, Windows Vista
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    I hope someone will post to this question soon. My dvd rom will only run if iTunes is running. This occurred after I tried moving my iTunes library to an ext hard drive. Now my music is not found in iTunes and my dvd rom wont play unless itunes is running! Help!!?!?!
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    Start here, if you haven't already seen this page
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    Hoping to see if anyone else was able to rectify this problem.

    I've been having a hard time over the last few months with my CD/DVD Drives. My DVD burner would show a disk inserted but everything would be blank, my CD-R would always tell me to insert a disk even though it recognized a disk was inserted. Last night I finally decided that maybe it was the lens, so I took everything apart and set everything back up, but again nothing worked.

    Now I go to start up Itunes and it tells me some of my drivers are missing (I created a NoCDBurn reg yesterday but deleted it before) but to my amazement both my drives now worked. I updated Itunes to fix the driver problem, restarted my PC and again the drives broke, but once I started up Itunes they loaded up fine.

    So it seems there is a file associated with Itunes that takes precedent over the drives. Since I have a month old new Ipod I'm going to give a call to tech support tomorrow since its clearly Itunes screwing with the PC, but wondered if they are no help if anyone here has found a fix.