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Does anyone know of an external monitor model/brand that displays crisp text when connected to a Mac via DVI or VGA?

I connected a Samsung 2043NW via VGA and an Acer H213H via DVI to my Macbook. Both external monitors were running at their native resolution, in clamshell mode, and the adapters were genuine Mac and properly connected. Both monitors displayed beautiful images, the Samsung more so than the Acer, but equally very fuzzy text. I know Mac uses font-smoothing, and I'm used to it, but the text displayed on the external monitors was fuzzier than on my Macbook, even after I changed the font-smoothing options in the Appearance pane, so much so that it made web-browsing and word-processing difficult. I then connected the Macbook to an older monitor, the Samsung 712N via VGA and noticed that the text was suddenly less fuzzy. There's no pattern here.

What would help me is if people took a look at the text on their screens and let me know what model they're using if it's crisp/as crisp as the text on their Macs while browsing and reading Word docs. Other than that, any information is useful in refining my search.

Most online stores don't have good return policies so I'd have to be pretty sure that I'm getting something that works before I order.

Ideally I'm looking for a 19-20 inch widescreen LCD monitor (no larger), I don't mind TN panels, provided there is no excessive bleeding, and I want to stay under the $300 mark.

But any information would be useful in determining which models/brands of LCD monitors are better for text when used with Mac.

Thank you all!

13-inch Macbook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)