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avalokitesvara Level 1 Level 1

The button to close the tabs in safari has dissapeared.
Yes, the "x" that should appear in every tab in every safari window/tab has gone.
How to set it again?
using safari 3.2.1

thanks a lot

ppc, Mac OS X (10.5.2), 16gb ram,server
  • Klaus1 Level 8 Level 8
    Have you tried going to View/Customize Toolbar in the Safari menu and dragging it back?
  • avalokitesvara Level 1 Level 1
    Yes, I have tried like 5 tomes, the green cross is activated, also I tried firs adding another part of the toolbar to check that I am doing it correctly and then I selected the default set in the default set was updated in the browser.

    but this happens: it worked only once, for one active browser. only in this window the "x" cross appeared in every tab.

    I closed totally safari and opened it again but there are no "x" cross again in the tabs..
    If I shutdown the computer, then I restarted and there is no "x" cross again in the tabs.

    here the strange thing: If I repeat the process to drag the default set, nothing happens, there is no more "x" cross in any tab.
    Also if I drag another item, press done, then drag the default toolbar and then press done..there is no "x" cross in any tab.
    If I close safari and press safari there are no "x" cross again.

    but if I press reopen windows from last session, the window that was active and had set the "x" appeared correctly, but all the other windows appera without the "x". Then I closed all safari, and open it again, but there are no "x" cross again...
    If I press any tab with the "x" and select move tab to a new window, there are no "x" cross.
    If I close all safari and open again, there are no "x" cross...

    so, how set the "x" cross or close tab button ?

    thanks a lot