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I have a MacBook, the Black one, about eleven months and since last November it started to act a little weird. Here it’s what's going on: the laptop does not recognize the battery and then the system goes to sleep mode, even if I am using some heavy programs at the same time or just looking the desktop.

The first time (last November) I didn’t care very much, and then happened about two more times in the same month, but I thought it was OK. However January was little more often, and I was worry. Nevertheless now it’s the worst month, even worse the February. Each 5 minutes the laptop goes to sleep mode, it’s driving me crazy.

Ten days ago I was using the laptop, and then the system went to sleep mode. So I plugged the AC adapter and the, the battery status showed “No batteries available” and a X on the icon.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.6)