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I am considering buying an apple mac after many years using a PC. I currently use Access database and will need to continue to review access databases and support colleagues in offices where PC is the norm. Am I on a Mac able to view and use Microsoft Access. On the Mac site I can only find reference to Word, Exell and Powerpoint being compatible. Thanks for any help offered.

Not yet bought but condsidering
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    Microsoft does not make a Mac version of Access. You could use Boot Camp to create a Windows partition & install Windows & a PC version of Office. This would require restarting in Windows whenever you want to use Windows. Or use Parallels or VMWare Fusion to create a virtual PC & again install Windows & PC Office. I prefer using Crossover Mac which does not involve installing Windows. I have Office 2007 installed in Crossover to run Publisher when someone sends me a Publisher file. Unlike Boot Camp, Parallels or VMWare Fusion, Crossover doesn't support all Windows programs, but it definitely supports Office.

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    Thanks Peggy, and will now look into what lapptop to buy. Crossover looks the way to go from what you tell me. I looked at the website and note that there is the choice of standard or professional. Would you advise that its necessary to buy the Professional with the capacity to update annually or will the one off standard purchase provide what one needs?
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    I just have the standard version, but I don't use it very often. I'd start with the standard version & then you can always upgrade later.

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    You can ask your friends to convert the database to Filemaker using:


    Or if the Access databases are linked by server ODBC, Actual Technologies has an ODBC plugin for Filemaker that makes it easier to share Access databases:


    Filemaker is crossplatform between PC and Mac:


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    Crossover is a great program, and, like Peggy said, it supports MS Office so you can use your Access program. I have used it since it first came out and I find it supports many programs other than MS programs. I have been able to use the Family Tree Maker program from Broderbund as well as Address Book 6.0 from Parsons Technology. The Pro version adds a little more strength to the program and supports more software than the standard, but I think you'll find the standard to work just fine.
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    The Actual Technologies ODBC driver for Access lets you import data from an Access database file (.mdb or .accdb) into an Excel spreadsheet or a FileMaker database. You don't have to have a PC or Windows or MS Access installed on your Mac in order to use it.

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