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Many mp3's will not play in iTunes or in my iPod, but they used to before the recent versions of iTunes ame out. These same mp3 files play fine in Windows Media Player, just not iTunes. The files are listed in iTunes/iPod, just simply will not play when you click the play button (nothing happens at all). When I click "get info" on these files, the summary tab is missing information that is listed for the mp3's that still play correctly. The missing info is all in the column on the right (Format, Channels, ID3 Tag, Encoded with). According to the forums, many others are having the same problem. Please help. Thanks.

Windows Vista
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    As an update, the problem is getting worse. I was listening to the songs that work still on my iPod today and after a few hours even they stopped playing. Now none of the songs on the iPod play, even ones that played this morning. I would assume there is a problem with the iPod, but given there is a problem in iTunes too and other people are having similar problems with recent versions of iTunes means there must be a bug from Apple. Plus, the mp3's play with Media Player. Please fix this! Don't let Microsoft outperform Apple in Mp3's.
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    Itunes 8 have become very picky about MP3's even ones that played in previous versions of itunes may not play in 8.

    Here is an explanation of why this is, and a further link to +*[MP3 Validator|>+*

    Choose a couple of songs that won't play, and run them through this validator, then see if they work. I have used it on my entire library.
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    I've had this problem many times since 2005 and the way I've fixed my problem songs were to Right-Click on the problem MP3 and Click *Convert ID3 Tags...*
    Then put a Check in the Box for ID3 Tag Version: NONE and Click OK
    Then Rick-Click on that same MP3 and Click again on *Convert ID3 Tags...*
    Then this time Select from the drop-down menu v2.3 and Click OK.
    Then try to play the song.
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    That MP3 Validator is a piece of ****. I've added about 800 songs to it to scan and it croaked... It didn't finish the scanning. Then the ones it did scan and repaired it creates duplicate files called .bak that you have to delete.
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    Thanks for the input. I have 19000 songs. Is there anyway to do these fixes in batch, as one at a time solutions for songs are impractical?
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    You can do batches of files in the MP3 Validator. I have my music (15,000 songs) in folders by artist/type. I did one folder at a time. I did take some time, but it was worth it as I was able to fix the songs that didn't play. Am left with only 5 songs that I can't fix.

    There are options in the program to create a back up file or not. Choose whichever one works for you. I did back ups at first just in case it didn't work. The best thing is that it does not change the name of the file so you don't need to re-import them into itunes.

    The ID tag fix did not work for me to make all the songs play.
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    The problems I've had with the MP3 Validator was that it gets stuck on a song that it says it is empty and then it won't go any further. You have to manually fix the file yourself and then try it again.
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    The good news is that you're left with 5 songs that cannot be fixed but can be replaced with better versions. Do you have any other tips on using the MP3 Val..?
    I have 3900 songs now after deleting duplicates.
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    I've fixed many songs today with MP3 Val and I've noticed that some it fixes it changes the ID3 tag to v1.1 and then the artwork is stripped away along with the genre. This is a pain if I have to go back and update the ID3 tag to v2.3, add album artwork & genre info back. Any suggestions?
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    So I know this is dumb of me, but I delete files from my laptop after they're uploaded to my iPod. I'm experiencing this problem now as of the last update. Am I completely out of luck or is their a way to convert the files from the iPod?

    Also, how do we prevent this from happening in the future?
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    Thanks for the great suggestion with the mp3 validator. The problem is that we should not have to use 3rd party software to get mp3's to play in iTunes when they used to play. This is a major bug in iTunes that Apple should fix. If anyone else has this problem, please post so that we can get Apple's attention. If you just say "I have the problem too" that helps.

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    You can send feedback to apple on the itunes application. *[Send Apple Feedback|]*

    This is a better option than posting feedback in the discussion forums, as this is a user forum, you are not contacting Apple here.
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    Sorry, I don't really use the artwork feature, if I have it great, if I don't - doesn't bother me.
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    I just want to verify that I am experiencing the same problem: Before the new update for iTunes came out I had 3,500+ songs on my new iPod classic. They worked in both iTunes and on the iPod. Now, after the update, MOST of the songs don't work in iTunes or on the iPod, even though I can see the files are there. When I try to play them on the iPod, it just starts the time at 0:00 and never advances. The artwork is fine and the track length is fine, it just doesn't play.

    The strange (coincidental?) thing, is that the songs that actually will play are all by bands whose names appear earlier in the alphabet (AC/DC, AFI, The Academy Is..., Blink 182, Bob Dylan...). After that only a few random tracks play. For those earlier mentioned bands whose files DO play, it's their entire albums that play. I can't tell any difference between the files that work and the files that don't, but I'm sure there is one.

    Lastly, am I doomed? I delete files after I upload them to my iPod. I stupidly treat my iPod as a hard drive for music. So, I'm not sure where that leaves me, but I know that there is no Mp3 Validator for Macs. I also can't figure out why I'm not allowed to convert ID3 tags for any of the broken songs or whether or not that would even help. I'm attempting to do this from the tracks while the iPod is plugged into iTunes. The error message says "Could not convert ID3 Tags for all selected songs. The songs may be write protected or of the wrong type."

    I just want to find out if there's some sort of hope before I have to just delete everything and start my collection all over again.
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