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I have a video camera with a RCA video & audio out. I would like to know what converter if it even exists..that i need to hook up to get video to an Imac The imac has MiniDVI and audio in/optical audio in ports. I don't have a clue what device I need to transfer video from the camera to the imac. Any help is appreciated.

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    You can use some of the devices that are used for playing and recording TV video on the iMac. The best known products are by




    These devices connect to the USB 2.0 port and act as an interface for the video signal.

    In your case, it just needs to have RCA connection for input, at least for the video (instead of something else like coaxial cable). For audio, you can use your Mac's audio input through an RCA (red/white pair) to stereo mini-jack adapter, if the interface device does not have audio input.

    The imac has MiniDVI...

    That's for connecting a second display to the iMac. It does output, not input.

    I have a different brand product myself that will definitely work for RCA audio and video connections. Its from Daystar; the one I have is the XtraView.


    It connects to USB 2.0 (must be a direct port and not through a hub). It has video input for S-Video or RCA, and audio RCA inputs (red/white) for audio. It comes with software for capturing the video and audio. I use it mainly to show the output of my TiVo in a window on my iMac's screen.