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I have current IPhoto downloaded and am new to mac's. i import photos, create an album, rearrange them in the order I want with some editing. burn to disk, check disk but the photos have reverted to their original order on the burned cd. suggestions?
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    Welcome to the Apple Discussions and the world of Macintosh. Are you burning an album from iPhoto via the Share->Burn Disc menu option? To get the files to be in the order you set them manually you'll have to batch rename them sequentially in the album so they will be in the correct order as the default sorting is alphanumeric. There is one caveat, you need to go in and add a zero before the 1 thru 9 files so they will sort correctly.

    If you're burning a disc of the album files via the Share->Export->File export so you only get a disk of jpg files and no iPhoto organization you have two ways. The easiest is to select the Use Album name in the export phase. That will create file names that are "album name-01.jpg, -02.jpg", etc. It will automatically put the zeros in. Just name the album something short and sweet. The other way is by batch renaming the files and adding the zeros manually.

    Hope this has been of some help. Good luck.
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    thanks for the reply Toad....

    so i managed to figure out how to export and make a file, seemingly a worthless step but anywho. then i was left unsure how to burn this file since I only know how to burn within iphoto- i dragged this new file back into iphoto as a new album? my video clips didn't show up? then wasn't sure what next to do.

    heres the question... i have about 300 photos with short video clips that I have arranged in a certain order. how do i get these onto a disk that a person can view in that order--i would like to know how to make this happen to include my video clips- starting from the arranged order from my album within iphoto?????? remember, i don't speak computer.

    I don't understand why you can't create an album from the library then rearrange photos how you want them and hit the burn and ran with the cd? to simple i suppose?

    iphoto has not been easy, i have a personal email to a tech spec. from apple on another iphoto issue-which we haven't figured out yet, thats why he sent me here. its seemingly a good discussion board but tired of not being able to figure this computer out. It seems to be one issue after the next, nothing but problems since i've had it--just trying to get this album edited, saved and burned has been the bane of my existence. creating new libraries, users, deleting plists to the reinstall disk etc, etc-obviously things that aren't in the manual they didn't give you to things i would not even think of doing on a windows based program, never did i do things like this on a windows program. i got this computer on aug 14th and am still working on getting this one cd burned--hours on the phone-now a discussion board. when is the guy coming to my door.

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    IPhoto cannot use video clips in it's slideshows. How do you want the intended view to view the results? On a TV set or on their computer or both?

    What you'll need to do is create the slideshow in iMovie where you can add both stills and video clips to the time line, add transition and music, even titles and sub-titles. Not the resulting Quicktime file will be large. If you only want the viewer to view it on a computer you can burn that QT movie file to a DVD data disk. The PC users will have to have Quicktime for Windows installed in order to play the movie/slideshow. It's a free download from Apple.

    If you want the view to be able to play it on a TV set then you'll need to open iDVD, select a theme and then drag the movie file into the iDVD menu window. If you go this route I suggest you do the following to get the movie into iDVD. It will let iDVD do the rendering of the still images giving a sharper image in the resulting slideshow:

    1 - save you iMovie project and quit iMovie.
    2 - open your iMovie project file by Control-clicking on it and selecting "Show Package Contents"
    3 - navigate to the Shared Movies folder.
    4- select and drag the .mov file in there into the open iDVD menu window being sure not to put it in a drop zone if the theme has one.

    Then you complete the DVD project by adding the title text and button text, select a transition for the menu and then burn. I also suggest you burn to a disc image (one of the options in the menu bar) so you can mount and play the disk image with DVD Player to check for quality, etc. before committing to disk. You can then burn the disc image to disk with Disk Utility.
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    thanks again Toad...

    I haven't figured out iphoto yet, haven't even opened imovie/idvd yet, i will certaintly try anything but it might take some time.

    ideally just looking to burn some copies to hand out to view from a computer. not looking to create a fancy slideshow yet. i want to be able to hand someone a cd and at a minimum be able to view the photos in an order that i arranged them...i know the video clips can be copied from iphoto to a cd as part of a burned cd-i didn't know they would not burn as part of a slideshow, thanks. ideally i would like the videos in order with the pics but even if they are clumped in the end at this point that would make me happy. again, that person inserts and chooses to view the cd and just cursors thru the pics. trying to start with the bare bone basics... just like getting a cd of pics from someone and bam, there they are in iphoto... is the simple possible?

    thanks for dealing with an idiot
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    You can export the photos, using the Use Album Name option to a blank CD disk and then burn the disc in the Finder. Then any PC can open that disc and run their resident slideshow application on those files and then will play in the order you created. No sound but the images will be there.
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    I tried that earlier per apple tech, but like you said-no sound/video....i called apple and they told me my video should follow? he couldn't figure out why but said to call tomorrow and ask for a tech.....