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I am considering buying one of the new Mac Minis to replace my current Intel Mac Mini so that I get the 4Gb memory and better graphics card (shame about the cost increase!!). One issue for me is moving over all the files and more importantly the applications I have installed over the years. Is the a program to handle this, keeping in mind I only have one screen and the current is running Tiger and not Leopard? Will I need to reinstall everything, including those downloaded and paid for from the web? Is there a way to attach the old machine to the new and boot it so that it mounts and then I simply move things over....though would they then work? Or, is it better to download some program to handle this better for me?

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    As far as the programs it'd be safer to reinstall them since the operating systems are different. It might be possible to move the programs over manually, but I bet it'll take the same amount of time or maybe longer than just reinstalling.

    For file transfer Google returned this page where it sounds like the easiest option is to connect both macs using a firewire cable and Migration Assistant.
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    As mentioned by several posters in the above link, Firewire Target Disk Mode is extremely easy. Connect the computers via firewire, making sure you have the correct cable ie: FW400 to FW400, FW800 to FW800, or a FW400 to FW800 cable. Then just follow the instructions given by "Migration Assistant".

    I transferred from my older MacBook core duo to my new Mini this afternoon. It took about 65 - 70 minutes from start to finish (of course the time depends on how much stuff you are moving). The procedure is "smart". The applications I had on the old machine like Skype, Google Earth, Firefox, etc. were transferred right over. I have iPhoto '08 on the old machine, and the Mini comes with iPhoto '09. My photos were transfered right into the newer iPhoto '09. Sweet!

    This was Leopard to Leopard, but I don't think Tiger to Leopard is a problem.

    If you use Migration Assistant my caution to you is to let it complete, don't panic! The status bar for the transfer appeared to hang (stayed at "3 minutes remaining" for about 8 minutes), but finally finished.

    Good luck.

    OOPS. I just saw that you are going Mini to Mini with only one monitor. That makes Migration Assistant a little harder. It would be great if you could borrow a monitor, and keyboard / mouse, if required.

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    Thanks for the very useful information. I can easily borrow another monitor. Once I have both machines up and running and both able to share files, do I then and only then connect with the firewire? I presume it is best to run the Migration Assistant on the new Mini since it is faster to 'get' the files?
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    The first time you turn on the new Mac, about the second or third screen you get to, will ask if you want to move data from another machine. There are several choices, can't remember the exact wording, but something like "use Migration Assistant". Be sure to have a FW400 to FW800 cable (sort of expensive at the Apple Store, but can be found much cheaper elsewhere)