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Tim Krynicki Level 1 (30 points)

Is there any other solution besides Simplify Media to access my iMac's shared iTunes library over my home's wifi on my iPod Touch. Simply put, I want to access my entire music library stored on my iTunes account on my iMac over the wifi, to play on my home entertainment system.

Seems like this could be a simply thing for Apple to whip up since they already have the Remote app that allows you control other libraries, where all they need to do is send what is playing over the wifi to the iPod touch. Simplify Media is a good idea if you are not at home, but when on wifi, it is slow since it needs to access their servers first then go the iPod. Remote directly connects to your iTunes, why not play it there too?

I read Apple filed for a patent to stream music over 3G/Wifi, seems like there should of been something out by now.

Any thoughts?