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Hey guys

I've got a mac pro and macbook pro hooked up to an aging Netgear modem/router - the former via ethernet, the latter via wireless. I also use it for a wired connection to my playstation 3 and a Windows PC

I basically need a new, faster modem/router that works well with both mac and PC. One day I'll bin the PC, but for the moment, it's part of the equation

I need at least 3 ethernet connections (high speed if poss), and support for 108 / wimax / mimo / N / whatever protocol happens to be out there

I know I won't get the 'perfect' router but am prepared to compromise in certain areas.

Price is a factor, but I'll spend more on something robust

Any help appreciated - sorry if my explanation if oversimplistic, but that's how I like it

Cheers, L

MBP C2D, Mac Pro, PC, Mac OS X (10.5.6)