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Hello, is somebody knows how to lock a folder with a password? I explain myself: I want some of my folders to be locked with a password so they can't be opened, modified or seen by somebody else than me. I want to use a freeware which is easy to use,...

D'you know a freeware of that kind?

PS: sorry for my bad English...

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    The obvious solution would be to manage permissions so the folder can't be accessed except by one user. By default, all of a user's folder has such permissions. You just need to create a user account for each person who uses the computer, rather than using automatic login on one account and having everyone use that (as I assume you are currently doing, given the question).

    Alternately, you can lock down individual files/folders by using Disk Utility to create an encrypted sparse disk image. Double-clicking the image file causes it to appear on the desktop like a second hard drive, assuming you enter the correct password. You can copy files into it, open files on it, etc, and when you're done, you drag the image from the desktop onto the trash (which will change to an eject icon). (WARNING: do not drag the image file into the trash!) This is a more secure solution, since there are ways to reset an account password with nothing more than a Mac OS X install disk, so if you have truly sensitive data, it will be quite safe in an encrypted disk image.
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    Folders cannot be passworded. Disk Utilities however can be used to create a sparse disk image which can be passworded and this is what I do for the files I want to keep private from prying eyes.
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    Ok, I see, I've done you you said. It's exactly what I wanted^^

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