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Hi. So I just downloaded ILIfe which gave me IMovie and now I am trying to import videos that got downloaded into my IPhoto before I installed ILife but it's not wanting to import them. Is there some sorta trick to get videos from IPhoto transfered to IMovie?

Thanks so much for all your help and sorry if this is rookie stuff!


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    I'm new to Mac as well, my iMac came with iMovie 08, but I'm having the same problem. I read the following discussion: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1134921

    There was a lot info there but it seems quite technical. I too am surprised that it's so difficult to import from iPhoto to iMovie.

    From what I could follow from that discussion my particular problem starts with the fact that I'm using sony digital cam so the files are saved in a format that's incompatible with iMovie. I'm going to look into the Streamclip software that was recommended.

    But here's another confusing bit in my particular case. When I first connected my cam to the computer (planning to upload to iPhoto) iMovie recognized the files direct from my camera. I wasn't ready to mess with iMovie yet (and thought it'd be simple to import later) so I closed that down, then, after the files were in iPhoto, I could no longer access them from iMovie.

    I hope someone can tell me if I've understood the info from the other discussion correctly. If I download Streamclip will I be able to isolate the video from the audio from these Sony based files (muxed MPEG-1 is what I think I read, though I don't know what that means) ? ...and then be able to convert them to the right formats to import to iMovie?

    Thanks for any assitance,

    (and I second the above comment, "sorry if this is rookie stuff")
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    I am having the same problem, and I am NOT a "rookie." The thread referred to by the other person posting here is for iMovie '08. Does it also refer to iMovie '09? I don't understand why a small handful os movies in AVI format (or all things) appear in iMovie '09 from iPhoto but others with the same format in the same place do not and I can't seem to import QuickTime format movies. What's going on? If this is a real issue, it should be covered in online help or in a document here.
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    I think we all have the same problem -- the movies we have imported into iPhoto are not in a format that's compatible with iMovie '09. I found this thread to help me solve my problem:


    I'm basically importing high-quality video created in AVI format into iMovie for editing. The suggestion made by ricktoronto in that thread to use MPEG Streamclip (which is free) works for me, but it creates enormous files.

    Best of luck in solving the problem for your own situation.