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Suzanne Butz Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)
I installed iPhoto 5.0.4 last week (??? can't remember really - I always do updates as they become available and am able to download them via dialup). iPhoto 5 generally has been extremely slow and prone to crashes but I figured Apple would eventually sort it out.

However, yesterday I was dragging images to an album for use in website design and my whole powerbook froze. I ended up having to powerdown completely.

On relaunch of iPhoto it prompted that the latest update wanted to upgrade my thumbnail images, and this could take some time depending on the number of images in my library - I have 5000? 7000? - constantly growing. I clicked "yes" expecting it to take some time. However, after 6 hours it was obviously not doing anything... so I used force quite to exit the application.

I have now tried to restart iPhoto and NOT upgrade the thumbnail images, and after 2 hours it is still trying to load the library.

Yes, I have lodged a bug/enhancement request with Apple, but am hoping someone here has a more immediate suggestion, as I am supposed to finish work on the development of this website ASAP and need the images. Not to mention, I am now growing really worried that my library is corrupted (and of course, my last backup was some weeks ago - prior to the birth of 12 puppies whose photos are in the current library).

Hoping someone can help somehow.

Kind regards,
  • lori_diloreto Level 6 Level 6 (17,000 points)
    Hi suzanne,
    Rename your current library to "iPhoto Library-corrupt"
    Put your last backup into the Pictures folder.
    Launch iPhoto and see if the backup opens fine.
    You now have a working library.
    Now you need to get the newest imports from the corrupt library out. No problem.
    Check in the open iPhoto the last date of imported images on your backup.
    Now navigate the corrupted iPhoto Library and drag the numbered day folders of the newest imports to the desktop. You can rename these folders to the correct date of capture if you wish.
    You do not need the Originals folders or the thumbnail folders, just the images in the date folders.
    Drag these folders inot the open library window to import them.
    check out the screenshot to help you figure out where everything is.

    This is a view of how the iPhoto Library looks in the Finder.

    It is organized by Year folders. Inside the Year folders are Month folders. Inside the Month folders are the days of the Month. Inside the day folders are the photos you took on that day. If you imported video clips and RAW files on that day they will be in an Originals folder. If you have edited any photo imported on that day, the original will be in that folder also.

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    I have a similar problem with iPhoto 5.0.4: I have 21,000 in my library and yesterday iPhoto ceased fully opening and all I get is a spinning wheel. I can relabel my original library, generate a new library and inport the photos again, but I was rather hoping for a solution that didn't fix me to my Mac for days on end. So far I have generated a new temporary library - all works well. I have reinstalled iPhotos - all works well. So the problem appears to be with my original iPhotos library. Problems started after I quit after uploading images to my .Mac homepage. Any ideas on a way forward?