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here is the problem if anyone can help... I have an iMAC (two actually) - both bought last summer... 24" screens... top of the line - yadda yadda...

Problem is - an old imac broke (3 years old)... so we took the hard drive out of that broken imac and put it into an external hard drive case... worked perfectly to get info off that drive and onto one of the new computers...

Now, I'm trying to get it to work on the second computer - but the imac will not recognize it - I've tried everything... tech support wants me to drag the computer into a store - I'm NOT doing that again... done that 5 other times for other issues and not a single thing was fixed...

The only difference between the two new imacs is THIS one (the one not recognizing the external drive) also has Parallels on it to run XP... but I've tried it w/that off and on - thinking perhaps that drive would recognize the external... no luck...

any thoughts? external drive is an imac drive... in an icy box holder.

Thank you!

imac, Mac OS X (10.5.6), XP
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    So you are saying it works on one iMac (right now and not in the past) but it does not work with another iMac?

    You are using the same cable? The drive is connected to the same power outlet? In other words, everything is the same with the drive, except it works with one and not the other.

    Did you try all the ports?

    Is it USB or FireWire? In either case, try disconnecting all other devices (including any hubs). Even disconnect your mouse and keyboard for this test, if the drive is USB. Then, connect the drive to see if it is recognized.