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Hi, I'm new to Macs, but have been using Linux systems for some time. I've set up Unison File Synchronizer on my Mac, which I use primarily to develop talks and for presentations. This has been great, except for today. A while ago I found on a forum the suggestion to not synchronize index.apxl.gz, i.e. to put the line "ignore = index.apxl.gz". I did this, since it seems to me there are all sorts of random Mac files that I don't want to synchronize, like "..DSStore", etc. Today I was moving some keynote packages around on the linux side of things. Bad, bad, things happened. Namely, somehow I lost all the index.apxl.gz associated with my keynote files that moved, and now I can't open the presentations. I can't find them on either computer. Could anyone help me, I'm wondering:

1) What is a *.key package to OS X. It looks to me like a directory when I do "ls". Is that how something like unison or rsync would see it?

2) Can anyone figure out how I lost all my index.apxl.gz files? Anyone familiar with unison?

3) I assume Mac's are just a typical unix system, am I correct, at least when it comes to synchronizing files?

Many thanks. I'm devastated I lost my keynote presentations. And I figured I was being good by keeping all my stuff on two computers...

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    I wish I knew more about Unison File Sync..... but I don't, and I know even less about Linux, although I do use it at work infrequently.

    Does this sync function trigger automatically, or do you manually trigger it? (am just curious here..)
    Have you searched in the invisible directories for your files? By that I mean does Unison have some invisible folders somewhere on your drive where they might be stored?

    Past that, I wish I could offer more help.
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    Hi Jeffrey,

    The sync function is something I have to trigger.

    I've done a full search for the files, although I did realize I had some backed up on my home computer, which was a huge relief. On the mac, I did a "find . -name index.aglx.gz -print" and couldn't find the missing files. I tried searchlight as well.

    Unison stores all it's info in the ~/.unison directory, but it doesn't store any files there, just logs of the last-changed files so that it can synchronize. It uses rsync, if you are familiar with this. I expect this is the same command doing much of the work with Time Machine.

    I suspect part of my problem is that I'm expecting the Mac to be a true unix machine, and it's it's a unique sort of hybrid. Thanks for your suggestions!
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    I wish I had some more/better ideas for you.

    I'm pretty back up crazy at work, and have stuff backed up both onsite and offsite.

    At home, I'm too lax, and lost some pix files during a recent upgrade.. My Bad!

    Good Luck
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    Yeah, I keep meaning to set up a backup system. I've done it in the past, but been so busy at work I just haven't taken the time. Now I'm paying the price...

    Ah well, I know now.