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Alright -

I've seen bits and pieces of this in the forums but never a solution. So here's my problem . . .

I just had U-Verse installed from AT&T (FWIW, not impressed so far but that's another forum on another website . . ) I have:

• 1GHz PowerPC 17" iMac with no airport card
• 2.4GHz MacBook Pro with wireless card
• Apple Airport Extreme Base Station (802.11n)

I had the iMac hard wired into the AEBS and then just used my MBP wirelessly throughout the house. Enter AT&T. They added their 2Wire wireless router (802.11b/g) and had to re-wire the DSL through my house. Now the phone jack next to my iMac is no longer DSL active and of course the AT&T router is in another room. I'm not to keen on trying to run a 100' Cat5 cable throughout my house, trying to hide it under the baseboard etc. . . . And yes, I know I could probably run out to Best Buy and buy a $40.00 USB Dongle to make my iMac wireless but I don't want to! I already have the gear I need and don't want to spend anymore money.

So - I need to setup a WDS with a non-Apple device. Is this possible? If so, how do I set it up? I have access to the 2Wire Router gateway and also to AEBS through Airport Utility but I don't know what settings to change. Anyone willing to give this a try?


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    Unfortunately, most non-AirPort routers are not compatible with Apple's implementation of Wireless Distribution System (WDS)...so it very unlikely that your 2Wire router can be extended wirelessly with the AirPort Extreme Base Station.

    The few non-AirPorts that are known to work are:
    o Linksys WRT54G or WRT54GS (not v5)
    o Belkin F5D7230-4 and F5D7231
    o BT Voyager 2091
    o Netgear WGR614 v6
    o Buffalo WGR-G54
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    Give it a try, you got nothing to lose.

    Get the MAC addresses of the AEBS and 2Wire router. Config the 2Wire as WDS main and AEBS as WDS remote. Then enter the MAC addr of AEBS into the 2Wire's WDS settings, and enter the MAC addr of the 2Wire into the AEBS's WDS setting.
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    Well that's great news. . . I figured it probably just wasn't compatible. Just for the heck of it though, does this tell you anything? (I thought I could post a screenshot but I guess not. Here's the text)

    +Public Routed Subinterface+
    +(check box) Enable+

    +Check ENABLE to create a route from the Internet to the public network specified below.++
    +Router Address:+
    +Subnet Mask: +

    +(check box) Auto Firewall Open+
    +(check box) Default DHCP Pool+

    That was a portion of the 2Wire Routers settings page. What do they mean by Public Routed Subinterface?

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    Thats looks like some kind of configuration from the 2Wire router. Try to find the online manual, it probably will tell you what these settings are.
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    I think I have it on the AEBS side of things - I manually set it up as a WDS Remote with the Mac Address of the 2Wire Router in the WDS Main box but it still wont see any internet connection. I think it's the 2wire side that needs some tweaking. So far tech support can't even get what I'm trying to do. I guess I 'll just keep calling back to see if I can get someone that can help. In their defense, it's not your typical call . . .
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    I guess I 'll just keep calling back to see if I can get someone that can help. In their defense, it's not your typical call . . .

    Get the model number for the 2wire router and Google it for the manual. Before you get to speak to anyone at AT&T, you can probably figure it out yourself.