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Using AT&T is very picky, it will connect at random times and charge high prices on Prepaid. So, I setup a fake APN profile that makes it so I cannot connect without WiFi. This worked for a while, and connecting through WiFi worked fine, and it was free.

However, now I cannot connect at all. The WiFi is connected and enabled but all my programs and even safari says "No Internet Connection."

I even see the wifi symbol on the status bar.

Dell XPS 410
Solved by Jason L on Mar 13, 2009 6:18 PM Solved
sidelsky18 wrote:
The IP Address is

Thats a self-assigned IP address. This article: http://support.apple.com/kb/TA26003 provides more information about 169.254.x.x IP addresses.

This is most likely caused by a router configuration issue. Try changing the wireless security to WPA2 Personal.

Also if MAC address filtering is enabled on the router, make sure the iPhones Wi-Fi address is added to the list. You can see the iPhones Wi-Fi address by tapping Settings> General> About.

If the issue persists, make a reservation to have a Genius at a Apple retail store test the iPhone.