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I have a cd that contains a .dmg file. I am trying to copy it to another cd; in other words, I am trying to make an exact copy of the file.

I can do it using the Disk Utility but the problem is that every time I try to use the new cd (the one I just burned) it says verifying before opening the file. It looks like I have a .dmg inside another .dmg file. I try this using two different ways:

1. Disk utility --> I created an image and then I burned to the cd
2. I copied the .dmg file to my documents and I burned it from there (no image this time)

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong or what is the correct procedure?

Thank you.

Macbook C2D, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    To burn a .dmg so that the CD/DVD matches the disk image (and doesn't itself contain a .dmg file) you should use the first method you mention, through Disk Utility. If you burn it in the Finder, it will indeed create a disk which contains a .dmg file.

    FIrst, double-check that you're looking at the innermost .dmg: double-click the dmg file to mount it, and make sure that its contents match the files you want on the CD (and don't just reveal another dmg file). Then, drag the dmg file into the left panel of Disk Utility, and use the Images - Burn menu to burn that image to disk.