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Love, love, love my new iMac BUT... I am having a problem using my Passport external drive with it. It recognizes it, but every few minutes it will lose the contact and then give me an error message about not having removed the device properly. (I did nothing) It is more than a tad annoying as I work mostly with Photoshop and I have been trying to work on on an image in camera raw, and just as I find the image I want the connection is lost. Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution please?

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    Hi KathrynG

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    If your plugging it into the keyboard, try connecting it to a port on the back of the iMac for a couple of reasons. (1) The keyboard may not supply enough power and (2) The keyboard's bus speed is the slower USB 1.1 instead of High Speed USB 2.0

    I also know that the passport's cord is short and stiff and about impossible to connect to a port on the back of the iMac. I easily connect mine to a powered hub sitting on my desk that has a port on the front. You might want to consider a USB hub, a USB extension cable or longer cable to use with the WD Passport.

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    The drive could very well be defective. Though it's also a common issue with the USB ports not being able to supply enough bus power for larger capacity portable drives. Is it a USB drive and if so are you connecting it directly to the computer or through a hub? It may also be a formatting issue as some of these drives come formatted for Windows. It would be a good idea to reformat the drive for Mac OS Extended.

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    Hi, I had the same issue when I connect the Passport to an extension USB cable..Zilch
    I kno' the cord is thick but it does soften up and bends easily after a few hours use.
    I now connect it directly to my iMac. After a reformat & restart with it connected all was good. My other Passport runs thro a Belkin Hub..once again after a reformat all was good...L