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I'm new to iMovie, and I'm still running '08, and I don't know what video formats are supported. I ripped a home video DVD using HandBrake and found out that iMovie 08 doesn't support .m4v. I tried saving it as a Quicktime Movie file with Quicktime Pro, but iMovie still wouldn't import. Can anyone tell what I can do because I really want to edit my video and burn it on more discs for the rest of my family. So, any help on what formats are supported and what I can do to import my video to iMovie (no. 1 priority) is what I would like help with, please. Thanks for any help.

20-inch iMac (2.4 GHz), 250 GB HDD, 2GB DDR RAM, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    Hey Warheart,

    I had the same problem! Here's what I did.

    Right Click on the Video you just ripped from Handbrake and select GET INFO

    Then go down to where you see the name and extension and it will movie.m4v

    Change it to movie.mp4 and push enter and will then say keep m4v or use mp4 ext

    click use mp4 and then import to imovie and it will work.
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    Thanks, that helped but the only problem now is that iMovie says it's going to take over 800 minutes to create thumbnails for the video! 800 minutes for a one hour video? Is that right or is something wrong?
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    Hi - I read your answer and finally got it after hours and days of search and trying and failing.

    You are the hero of the day

    I´m new to Mac and am so far not impressed with the "easy OS"... hope it improves with time
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    You are welcome! it takes some figuring out.

    I've learned alot from the forums over at macformat.

    You will get use to it. I just made the move from windows last October and I love it!
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    Here is how I import a DVD into iMovie try it. Get yourself a 4 Gig Thumb Drive plug it in.
    Insert the DVD when the DVD Player comes up close it.
    Double click the DVD icon on the desk top and drag the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS
    folder into the Thumb Drive. Open iMovie 8 or 9 it may take a Minute or more
    iMovie see's the Thumb Drive as camera and you may import the content. Thats it, plain and simple
    have fun Cheers Herb