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Hello, I have a new iMac and was wondering if I could use a second monitor with it. Something like a Apple M7649 17" Studio Display Flat Panel Monitor, or anything else Apple or otherwise.

Thanks for helping!

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    If it's the brand new iMac model (released a few weeks ago), it has a Mini DisplayPort. You can use Apple's current LED-backlit 24-inch display directly, because it connects using the Mini DisplayPort

    You can use any standard digital display that connects using DVI (including Apple's older Cinema Displays up to the 30-inch model) with this adapter.


    You can use any standard analog display that connects using VGA with this adapter.


    Do you already have the old Apple 17-inch Studio Display?

    NOTE: If your iMac is "new to you" but it is the previous generation model, please post back because it has a mini-DVI port instead of the Mini DIsplayPort.
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    Thanks for the detailed info It is much appreciated.

    Yes its one of the latest iMacs just released. In fact you helped me with the Firewire Xfer from my old dead eMac!

    I do not have a second monitor yet but am considering one.

    Will the second monitor just mimic whats on the original or can I set up an extended desktop to the second monitor?

    Thanks again.
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    You can mirror the built-in display, but most people use the default setting to extend the desktop.

    When the new display is connected, you will see additional options in System Preferences Displays pane. One important control is the Arrangement tab (which is not there if you do not have a two-display system). In the Arrangement tab, you can tell the system how the two displays are arranged on your desk. Also, you can decide which display will have the Menu Bar (and Dock).

    I use a second display with my iMac. It works great. In fact, for my setup (the last 17-inch model), my second display is my primary display and the iMac display is off to the right as my secondary display.

    I'm not sure why you mentioned the Apple 17-inch Studio Display earlier, but that would NOT be a good choice because I think it uses the old ADC connector, which would require a second DVI to ADC adapter on top of the Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter.

    For a non-Apple display, you will get best results using DVI as the connection type (through that adapter mentioned previously.
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    Thanks again.

    I mentioned that 17" display because I saw one at someone's home.

    I have the bug now and want a second monitor Apple or otherwise. Any suggestions would help and feed my frenzy!
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    The obvious choice for an Apple display is the 24-inch LED (backlit) Cinema Display. It as the same Mini DisplayPort connector, and it will give you a few more USB ports. But it as some extra features that may not be necessary for use with an iMac, such as its own iSight camera, built-in speakers, and a power connector for use with MacBooks. And it costs $899 retail. But it would certainly look nice next to an aluminum iMac.


    For a non-Apple display, there are many choices. They are generally cheaper. The standard digital connector is DVI. You can also use a display with a VGA connector, but DVI would be better if you are getting a new display. If your iMac is a 24-inch model, its built-in display has 1920x1200 native resolution. That would be a good choice for an external display, typically 23 or 24 inch. You can go all the way up to 2560x1600, which is typically a 30-inch display (including Apple's model). You can even get one with Dell branding that works.


    Your choice depends on how much you can afford to spend and how big (in terms of resolution) you want it to be.
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    My iMac has the mini-DVI port. What adaptor do I need? Thanks.