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Some kind of glitch happened with my iCal on my mac computer. Random events from a very long time ago all of sudden became recurring events every day. There are so many and it's very messy to try and delete them all.

My calendar on the iPhone is perfect and I want my iCal calendar to look like it. How do I do this?

I figure if I just erase the iCal calendar and then sync my iPhone to it it will work. I'm just afraid that it will erase the calendar on my iPhone. is that true? How do I solve this problem?

Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    I am in the identical situation with the exception that:
    I have been running all the latest Leopard upgrades & with 10.5.7 it is the first time I have been able to:
    open iCal without it freezing,have various categories actually appear, open preferences, access help from with in the program, have it open fairly quickly,

    I tried heaps of suggestions. . .
    but it took deleting all the iCal related preference files in Mac HD/Library/Preferences, & Mac HD/Library/Caches, as well as ~Library/Application support/.

    Have read widely can't find a way to do this:
    How can I bring it back into the present day from my iphone? Same question for my contacts actually!

    Please help.
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    Can you delete all your ical calendars on your computer and then sync from your iphone to the computer?

    Make sure you are viewing all your calendars on your computer. Sometimes they are in the background.

    Delete the ones that are irrelevant.

    Sorry if this doesn't help or if you did this already I only just skimmed both posts.

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