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Hey everyone --

This may be a bit similar to other postings but I think it has a few different issues.

My iPhone won't recognize any WiFi hotspots, anywhere. The 3G network is always on and even when I'm in areas that I know are broadcasting WiFi, such as school, home, and some coffee shops, the phone never picks them up or asks me to join. I've got WiFi enabled and I've reset the phone, and restored it twice. It's using the 2.2.1 software version.

Any ideas or suggestions before I make the hour and half drive to the genuis bar?

Windows Vista
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    If you have Ask to Join Networks turned on and you aren't prompted to join an available wi-fi network which you have never joined before - you won't be prompted with Ask to Join Networks on when in range of an available wi-fi network that you previously connected to, and you are unable to join an available wi-fi network by selecting the network - if a restore with iTunes from your iPhone's backup and a restore with iTunes as a new iPhone or not from your iPhone's backup does not resolve it, you don't need to drive an hour and a half to an Apple store. You can call AppleCare instead at (800) 694-7466 and handle everything over the phone. If it is determined that your iPhone needs to be exchanged under warranty, the exchange will be shipped to your door.
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    Thanks for that Allan -- The real annoyance is I just had this phone shipped to me and received it yesterday as a replacement. The first one I had had a problem with the touchscreen -- the entire lower right corner was desensitized -- Yeesh.