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Hi, not sure if this has been answered already but have spent some time Googling it and not seen anything pertinent. Anyway, when playing songs in iTunes, it will play normally for a random amount of time and then after a while (say half and hour) it starts skipping through songs, like someone has their finger jammed on the fast forward button. I can play / pause songs as normal, aside from them playing back in fast forward. If I close and reopen iTunes it goes away for a while then starts happening again. have checked the mp3s and it isnt anything to do with them. Is this a known issue and is there a solution?


Windows XP
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    I've had the same problem. I go to the next song and it stops for awhile, but then returns... Never had this issue until I updated to iTunes 8.1... I'm running Leopard here.
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    This is about the third or fourth time now that I have suffered from a serious and genuinely show-stopping bug over the years, in various different versions of iTunes. Not sure why I bother posting on these forums really, maybe just out of blind frustration or masochism; it's not as if these boards are monitered or effectively moderated. My point being, if iTunes is meant to be such and all encompassing media suite, why is stuff like this still passing QA/QC, as well as the bugs in version 7 where sound would glitch horribly.
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    If you double-click on one of the songs it previously skipped, what happens? Does iTunes give you an error message?
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    I'm having a similar problem where iTunes will start skipping random parts of songs, usually up until the end of the song. For example I was playing a song that is 5:06 long and around 3:45 it skipped to 5:05. Any time it gets to the same spot in the song, or if I try to set the song to play any of what it skipped, it just skips to the end again. Its not a problem with the mp3 because it has always worked in iTunes before I downloaded the newest one, and it works fine in other media players, and its different songs messing up each time that I restart iTunes.
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    I'm having similar problems with Vista64 and the iPod Touch. Seems to have cleared up when I moved over to an older Dell Inspiron XP Pro box to manage the library and sync duties. I am sure this a bug that Apple is becoming aware of. Good luck.
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    iTunes has become very picky about MP3's. You may want to try *+[MP3 Validator|http://www.gromkov.com/faq/repair/mp3_validator.html]+*

    There is a great explanation of how it works [here|http://trevinchow.com/blog/tag/mp3-tag-validator]

    I had so many songs that skipped or stopped playing that I did them all. It found many songs with invalid tags, and so far, I have not seen this problem reoccur.
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    Don't worry it's nothing to do with iTunes,,, its your PC, the fact that iTunes+Quicktime applications are a resource hog for many computers especially old ones, causing iTunes to skip or fast-forward & pause sometimes, i suggest clear up some space with Disk Cleanup, than Disk Defrag the PC, it may take 30mins-2hrs, depending on how frequently you do performance tuning.

    iHad similar problems with my old Dell / if you feel windows disk defrag takes allot of time, let me suggest you "Priform Defraggler", its lot faster than the traditional software from Microsoft + it's free. http://www.defraggler.com/

    Good Luck
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    Its got nothing to do with the PC being old. Thank you for the suggestions but I don't need to be patronised about defragging and cleaning the HD thank you. The fact is this issue only started to happen after upgrading to version 8. I realise iTunes is incredibly resource heavy - however, it isnt that bad that it can consume every available resource. I have experienced this when no other application was running and on a machine with some 4GB of RAM. As to the previous answer suggesting I scan the mp3's - I will test but I have a library of some 10000+ tracks and I am not going to scan them all. To reiterate - I have played thses files with other media players and they play fine.
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    Sorry dude, was just tryin' help,,, > no offense.
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    I do appreciate the help honestly! And as I am sure you can appreciate, this is incredibly annoying. I stopped using iTunes 7 because I was getting sound glitches (pops, crackles and pixelation) and now having upgraded to version 8 I find it has an even worse bug.
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    Lot's of good information here. My problem different in that it is not with iTunes stopping in the middle and skippng to the end of the file. iTunes works ok. My problem is that the files that are synched and stored on my iPod Touch and played on the Touch display the annoying behaviour.
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    To the poster above: thanks for the bump but I think you need to make your own topic as yours is a different problem.

    More info - have had this issue twice today. Once from playing files located on HD, once playing music direct from iPod. Just to clarify, it isn't 'skipping' in the sense that it skips a song and moves onto the next one - I mean skipping as in playing the song in fast forward. This happened randomly both times today. On one occasion it happened halfway through a song - it was playing fine then it starts fast forwarding. In answer to an earlier question, no error message is given. If I double click on a song that starts fast forwarding, it simply starts the song again from the beginning playing in fast forward. If I were to leave it playing, it would keep playing in fast forward for the whole song and then the next one, and the next and so on....
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    Bump - this is still a problem and still makes me think itunes is a ****** piece of software too.