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Just today when I tried to sync, the progress bar showed, backing up iphone, then syncing contacts, then stopped, with an error message that read: iTunes could not sync calendars to the iPhone because the iPhone disconnected. The problem is... it didn't disconnect. I tried shutting everything down including the phone, but I keep getting the same error message. Any ideas?

iMac 5, 1, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    I got the answer today, after a bit of time on the Apple phone support. I offer it here in case anyone else encounters what ended up being a stumper through two levels of phone support.

    The culprit appears to have been a corrupted calendar event, we think. The solution Justin at phone support (nice guy with a great sense of humor by the way) came up with was to export my two calendars to my desktop, then delete them both from iCal. I had to create a dummy calendar to do this, as it appears that iCal won't let you delete all the calendars from it. Anyway, after doing that, I created another dummy calendar in iCal, and renamed both to what the original calendars were. Next I double clicked on the first calendar on my desktop and when prompted, directed it to the new corresponding calendar in iCal. Did this for the other calendar, then tried syncing. It worked!!
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    I had this same thing happen to me tonight when I tried to sync my iPhone. I also had a problem with a bunch of calendar items needing to be modified. It looks like they are all birthdays and the "after" version of them in the details portion of the window seem to indicate they will no longer be linked to my address book. I recently bought the new Mac Box Set, so I'm wondering if that might have anything to do with this change.