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Hi, I was just wondering if someone could help me please?
After going from forum to forum, post to post for days now, I really need someones help.
I have an Ipod touch 2nd generation, and I recently updated to itunes 8.1, a few days later I plugged in my ipod to do the usual syncing, however its notbeing picked up by itunes like it usually does.
Its being picked up bu image capture and iphoto though, so I followed the instructions to change the prefs in image capture to no application and so on, and still nothing.
Ive uninstalled and reinstalled itunes, about 10times.
Ive reset my ipod completely, and restored it.
And while trying to restore it on my mac I had error 1611, so being scared I installed itunes on to my windows xp and it restored straightaway (i must add ive never used it on my windows comp before, as i always use my mac osx 10.4.11).
Id really appreciate it if someone could help me, Im nowhere near an apple store.
Many thnaks Chrissy

mac mini, Mac OS X (10.4.11)