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So I had a freak accident with my phone. It fell into a glass of water that was on the floor next to my bed. It was only under for a couple of seconds. The screen flickered a bit and then I just turned it off. I have a feeling this type of thing is not covered under the protection plan. Has anyone else experienced water damage to their phone? Was it covered or did you have to buy a new one? Did you just let it dry out? Anyway, this bites and thanks for any input.
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    Accidental damage, including water damage, is not covered under Apple's warranty. Apple's warranty is a limited manufacturer's warranty only, not insurance.

    Do not try to turn your iPhone back on. Some people have reported placing their water submerged iPhone in a zip lock bag of rice and/or with some silica gel for at least several days has helped. Some have reported everything works after doing so, and others have reported everything didn't work after doing so.

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    If you bought the phone with an American Express card, I believe they have a 90 protection plan for ANYTHING that goes wrong with the purchase. I'm not sure if any of the other credit card companies offer this protection.
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    Hello, Welcome to Apple Discussions.

    I am sorry to read that your iPhone fell into water. I know that can be frustrating when something like this happens.

    Where did you purchase your iPhone from? If you bought it from Best Buy and also got their Black Tie Protection plan you may be eligible for assistance. As you stated earlier the Applecare Protection plan does not cover this.

    And also mentioned earlier in the posts here you can consult with your credit card company for some options/perks that they may offer to customers who use their credit card for purchases.

    You may even find an iPhone Repair company online or in your city that may assist with potential repairs.

    iPhone and iPod: Water damage is not covered by warranty
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    This is covered by my home contents insurance, I don't know if you have something similar and would depend on your policy, I suppose.
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    Went swimming for about an hour with iphone in pocket. Shook as much water as I could out of headphone jack. Took "dead" phone to Apple store two days later. Apple opened phone and declared it "totally water-logged." Replaced my 16G model for $500 (no subsidized price) AND found out my 2-year plan would reset to the beginning of the 2 years! Thought this was wrong (why would I have to pay the full price if my plan was starting all over again?) but ATT confirmed this both on 800 customer service and at ATT store in mall outside the Apple store. The ATT 800 customer service person made it very clear that this policy applied only to iphones. Bought the new phone and a week later the "dead" phone began working and made a 99.9% recovery after I put the sim card from the new phone into it. There is a very very small mark on the screen, visible only if screen is white right there. I did nothing to make the phone recover after the day of the immersion. Took replacement phone back to ATT and received refund minus 10% for restocking and ATT reversed my plan back to the original 2-year period. Moral: don't go swimming with your phone, especially when your once functional digital camera is in the other pocket...
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    Your iPhone may recover. What ever you do, DO NOT TURN IT ON! It is trying to turn it on too soon that causes the problems, water is still there and something shorts out and it's ruined forever.

    Put it in a plastic bag with some dry rice. The rice will absorb moisture. Change the rice every other day and let it sit in a cool dry place for at least a week, longer is better. After that try and turn it on, chances are decent it will recover. I've seen people put their cell phone or digi-cam through the washing machine, after doing this they were totally fine.

    Always remember there is the chance it won't work, good luck.