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Remove all of iTunes so you can start again. If you just use Apple's uninstall
programs it leaves a lot of junk that can mess up a reinstall of an old or new
iTunes. Can really be use to remove any program.

-make sure you have a backup copy of anything you do not want to loose.

-make a backup of your registry, or do a fresh restore point.
never had a problem yet, but you never know.

-find a program called "revouninstaller.exe" I use the portable version so
I don't have to install it. You can run it from a USB drive.

-run "revouninstaller.exe" and select iTunes from the list provided and
click "uninstall". This will start the iTunes uninstall program and you go
through the usual things to uninstall iTunes.

-it will probably ask you to restart your computer to remove more
components. DO NOT restart your computer.

-click on next on the bottom of the "revouninstaller.exe" window. This
will search through the "Registry" for the junk Apple leaves behind. This
could be over a hundred items.

-this is where you could get into trouble. In the lower right of the
window it will tell you how many items it found. Click on the "+" sign
beside the Registry item until you get to the bottom. The square boxes
should be black. Put a check mark in each of the boxes that have anything
to do with iTunes. If you are not sure, don't check it. You can correct it
later. Click "delete" and let the program remove the entries you have
checked. Check the number again and see if more need to be removed.

-click on next and it will do a search of your HD for files and folders
left behind. Take your time here and don't remove anything you want to

-do this until everything installed by Apple Inc. is removed. After you
install iTunes again you can also use this program to remove the junk that
iTunes installs and you do not use.

If you click on "Tools" and select "Autorun Manager" you will find a list
of everything that starts when Windows starts. If you don't need it, don't
start it, just wasting memory.

This is the best uninstall program I have ever used. I have never got into
any trouble with it yet, but I am not finished exploring all it's
possibilities yet. Just make sure you have a restore point and/or a backup
before experimenting.

The main thing is DO NOT RESTART YOU MACHINE until you have finished
running "revouninstaller.exe".