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  • JohnnyGui Level 1 (0 points)
    It seems like a common bug. I have exact the same problem. The only bug is the missing popping up animation of certain letters when tapped (they do register in the text field!). On my iphone, the letters that don't pop up also depends on the website I'm going to! For example, if I go to and I type in the search field, the "I" doesn't pop up. On another site, the H doesn't and so on. Pressing the numpad key and then returning back always solves this issue. I don't have this problem in the SMS application though, only in Safari.

    I think it's just a software bug on the 2.2.1. For anyone who doesn't think he/she has this, try going to, tap the search field and tap the "I" as the very first letter (it could differ per iphone though). Hopefully they'll fix it in 3.0
  • Tom01 Level 1 (0 points)
    I've been having the same problem. I've only noticed it in Safari, and it seems to happen to the first character typed in certain web form fields. As previously described, the character is sent to the web form correctly, but the usual visual feedback of the key press is missing.

    A few observations about the problem:
    * The feedback display problem happens in Safari; I have not noticed it in other apps.
    * It seems to be the first key pressed in a web form that stops providing feedback; all other keys continue to operate normally.
    * Holding down on the key will bring up the menu of alternate characters (extended ASCII, or whatever), so only specific visual feedback is lost.
    * This happens with one key at a time; once that key stops providing feedback, no number of presses on that key will bring it back for that form or that session of Safari. I haven't yet determined if the problem persists after leaving Safari and returning to the same web form.
    * I don't see this happen with other keys unless I switch to a new form field. As long as I stay within the same field, it's always the same key. For instance, if I start a form by typing "i," then the "i" key does not provide feedback throughout that form, but other keys provide feedback as expected. This may explain the previous observation that the problem is more prevelant with "i" and "s," as these are common characters.
    * Typing slowly (e.g. one keypress every second) does not "fix" the problem; the key still does not provide feedback, so this is not an issue with delay.

    Now that I've located this discussion, I'll post back here with specific sites where this happens, as I encounter them.

    iPhone 2.2.1 (5H11)
  • nycboy Level 1 (0 points)
    I'm so glad I found this thread, I was just thinking this morning how I would try to explain what the probelm I was haing was.

    It has been happening for a while too..not a big deal either but kinda annoying.

    As one of the posters said to do..turn the Auto Cap "off"..and that seems to fix it for me at least for now...

    Go to google with your auto cap "on" and search "GHG" you'll notice only with the first "g" you'll get a response from your keyboard and the other "g" will appear in the search box but will not rise from the keyboard. Turn Auto Cap "off" and then it works fine..if someone else find another solution, please post. Thanks guys!
  • Bert86 Level 1 (0 points)
    I have been experiencing the same problems ever since the 2.2 firmware update. 2.2.1 did not solve it, but I hope that 3.0 will.
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    Add me to the list of users that has this problem. I think it started with the 2.0 update. Not sure honestly. It's happening more frequently though and rather annoying because I use that pop up to tell me if I hit the right key or the key at all. Instead I just get a click and the letter/number shows up, but not the pop up. Sometimes it's like the top left keys only and sometimes its the top right keys only. Then sometimes its some of the middle keys. It's rather strange. Resets don't help.

    Hopefully a fix will come around.
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