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I have an Mp4 movie on my computer but i can not transfer to my iphone it is in itunes movies but it wont transfer can someone help me please

Windows XP
  • abellan Level 4 Level 4 (1,235 points)
    Have you checked this article?

  • dpman Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Yes I have done that it tells me that my video is in correct format
  • r.cloud Level 3 Level 3 (810 points)
    Have you tried creating an iPhone version through iTunes? i have found that while for all intents and purposes an *.mp4 is in the right format, size and style for the iPhone it still won't sync but have been able to fix this by creating an iPhone version through the iTunes menu.
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    I have the exact same problem here. It all appears to be working properly and yet I cannot transfer the video to my phone. It is extremely frustrating!!! Someone should figure this out and let us know.
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    I use http://www.dvdvideosoft.com/ "Free Video to iPhone Converter" which I have never updated since I first Downloaded and Installed it a few months ago when I first purchased my iPhone. I then convert my AVI/MKV/MP4 Video File that I would like to watch on my iPhone to the Quality Setting "iPhone High Quality (MPEG4, 30fps, 480x320; AAC - 192KBit)" and then use iTunes to Transfer that now iPhone Ready to Watch MP4 Video File to My iPhone.

    I've had no problems since I first took home my iPhone 3G 2.28 and waited a very long time for that 2.2 Update, I haven't yet updated to the latest Firmware as I want to watch these forums to see if there are any other issues with this latest update, since I like the way my iPhone is currently working as it is giving me no problems at all with loading and performance.

    Hope the DVD Video Soft program helps solve your Video Problems as it did mine!
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    I have the same problem.

    I waited while a movie converted to the iphone format but then could not drag and drop it into my iphone. I even tried to convert it to a Tv show hoping it would show up in the iphone section as available for syncing.

    What is the normal method of moving a converted movie to the iphone? is it the drag and drop method or do you have to right click on a movie? im a new to iTune sorry if this is a dumb question.

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    Have you tried to click File Import file to iTunes, then going into your iPhone section and selecting sync Movies and select the videos you want.
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    I change the .mp4 extension to .m4v and then I have no trouble transfering those videos to my iPhone. Good luck.
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    I abs hate the thought of having to buy apps for things to work on my Iphone that should work anyway, seems a total rip off but i was getting sooooooooo frustrated at the inability to do a straight forward MP4 transfer from pc to phone that i bought an app called Air Share. I'm not sure if it works with wired, but via wi fi i can drag and drop anything from pc to phone, or browse and upload as you normally would. The only drawback i've had so far is that all the files stay in the air share folder and don't disperse into the pre-installed folders, i.e. videos saty in that folder as well and don't go into the Videos folder on the phone. Once i've played with it more i'm sure there will be a way to make sub-folders and categorise things. But, the main thing is i can download my you tube to a folder on Pc and just upload to phone from there cutting out the need to even open Itunes. The App cost about £5 or so, maybe even less, so for me as worth it. I'd be interested to see if there's a free way of doing the same though, also leaving out itunes. App was bought from the Apps store btw
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    Without going into detail here, do a google search for free tools to convert video to iphone/ipod touch format.
  • Sboq Level 2 Level 2 (430 points)
    I do not know if you have done this, but in iTunes, after you connect your iPhone to your computer, click on your phone in the "Devices" list on the left side. next, go to the "Video" tab and scroll down to the "Movies" section. You will have to choose which files get copied onto your iPhone.

    Hope this helps!
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    Hi Sboq

    Thanks mate your and genius and alas im weak. I simply had to scroll down to the movies section which i could not find before assumeing things has to sync throught tv shows section

    Many thanks for everyones help.

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    Thanks Sboq. I was under the impression I could just drag/drop the video to my phone and didn't think I needed to sync it.