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Hello. I cannot seem to properly rearrange the order of my songs on my iPod Shuffle 2G anymore. I start iTunes and plug in the Shuffle. I select the device in the iTunes menu and behold my list of songs. When I rearrange the songs, it appears to be successful. The order does visibly change in the on-screen list. However, it does not actually change in the device. When I'm done, the order my songs are in on the Shuffle is NOT the same as how I just ordered them in the list in iTunes. Yes, the list I am manipulating is definitely the one in the Shuffle, not just the iTunes library. It appears to change, but it actually doesn't.

I used to get the message "Syncing iPod, please wait...," or something to that effect whenever I moved ANY song in the list. Now, I don't get anything like that.

I actually tried restoring the device, effectively clearing it of data. I then autofilled to get all the songs back on that I previously had on it, and tried again. Same deal.

I have been using iTunes and Shuffles for a few years now with no similar troubles. This is all very new after the release of

Anyone know what's wrong? Perhaps a new setting that I'm not aware of that I have to check or uncheck?

iPod Shuffle 2G, Windows XP
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    Welcome to AD!

    Have you done this first?
    To arrange the order of songs on iPod shuffle:
    1 Connect iPod shuffle to your computer.
    2 In iTunes, select iPod shuffle in the Source pane.
    3 Click the Contents tab.
    4 Click the blank header above the first column to arrange the songs by number.
    5 Drag the songs to the order you want.

    My 1st gen shuffle is also acting differently, it seems. I tried dragging stuff around like you mentioned.
    Finally I had to right-click on the shuffle (over in the Source list) and choose Copy to Play Order.
    That seemed to do it.
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    Selecting "copy to play order" is something I had not done before, but, sadly, it did not seem to do anything.

    Once I autofill the Shuffle, it seems stuck with whatever arrangement it is given then. I can rearrange songs in the list after I autofill it, but it just doesn't change the order in the actual device, like it used to. Very frustrating, especially since this problem seems to have come out of nowhere with the newest version of iTunes.
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    Okay, I just plugged it back in to look over all the settings again. Just to see if anything looked new. Nothing did, but, just for laughs, I selected "copy to play order" again. This time, I got the message "Waiting for iPod, do not disconnect..." for about a second. And it worked. The iTunes playlist successfully synced with the Shuffle, and the songs are now in the proper order on the device.

    Seems rather quirky, but you had the solution. Thanks much.
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    Hmm, I wasn't using autofill....and I must ask, is the switch on shuffle mode (the x'd arrows) or repeat (the oval arrows)?
    I assume you know the difference, but can't hurt to double-check.

    I'll try an autofill and get back.
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    Well I'm glad that worked, if I ever have trouble with song orders on my Ipod or CDs I make, I use that Copy to Play order thing.

    I'm still autofilling my ipod with a new list to make sure it works. I can never exactly remember what the old options were, when a new version comes out.

    edit - I had to do the Copy to Play Order thing twice to make it work, just like you. The first time after I synced, it started out on song #35. I made sure press the middle button 3 times so it would start at the beginning. So I plugged in my shuffle again, and that song was #35. I did the Copy to Play order again and then it worked. What a pain!

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    I don't know if this a coincidence or not, but Copy to Play Order only works if my Shuffle is switched off when it is plugged in. If it is switched on and I try it, it appears to update the play order but once I turn it back on nothing has changed.