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Hi, does anyone know how to get the holidays that I have on my iCal to sync to my iphone? Whenever I sync via iTunes, the holidays to not show up on my iphone. Or in the alternative, does anyone know an app that will drop the holidays onto the calendar on my iphone (not just a seperate app with a list of holidays) I have Mobile Me but that doesn't sync anything at all so I have big problems there and would like to just get this thing fixed first. Thanks for your help in advance.

Iphone 3G
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    Depends on how the holidays are present in iCal. If they are in a subscribed calendar, those do not sync to the iPhone. So, the workaround is to create a new calendar (2009 Holidays, for example), then select the subscribed holiday calendar, select File menu > Export calendar and save it somewhere (e.g. your desktop), select File menu > Import calendar and choose the file you just saved, then import it into the new calendar you created. That converts the subscribed calendar to a standard calendar, and you can choose the option to sync that calendar to the iPhone in iTunes. You can then uncheck the one of the calendars in iCal so you don't have to see duplicate holidays.

    Note that in iPhone 3.0 (due out in summer), Apple announced that subscription calendars will sync, so this workaround is only needed until then.
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    Here is a link to the apple website that might help out.