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How can i add photos to my iphone from my computer without making a duplicate into the photo library? What is the point of making separate folders if it is all loaded into the photo library anyway?

Mac book, Mac OS X (10.4.11), IPHONE
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    There are NOT duplicate photos. This is the way Mac handles photos. You can simply access the same photos from two different locations.
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    If you use iPhoto on your Mac for photo storage, this is no different from the way iPhoto stores photos, or iTunes stores music, or the Address Book stores contact info.

    You can't have a photo in an iPhone album unless the photo is available in the main iPhoto library, you can't have a song in an iTunes playlist unless the song is in the main iTunes library, and you can't have a contact in an Address Book Group unless the contact is available the main Address Book database or main "All" Group.

    A photo placed in an iPhoto library is not duplicated, a song placed in an iTunes playlist is not duplicated, and a contact placed in an Address Book Group is not duplicated.

    All photos transferred from your computer to your iPhone via the iTunes sync process are stored in your iPhone's Photo Library. If you select multiple iPhoto albums or folders to be transferred to your iPhone, this provides for viewing the photos in an album or folder only on your iPhone by selecting the album or folder on your iPhone, or all photos available in all albums or folders by selecting the Photo Library.

    No different from viewing the photos available in an iPhoto album only by selecting the album, or all photos available in all albums or in your entire iPhoto database by selecting Photos. The same for listing to songs in an iTunes playlist only by selecting the playlist, or listening to all songs available in all iTunes playlists or in your entire iTunes library by selecting Music.

    The photos are not duplicated. The photos in an album or folder include a pointer or link to the original photo stored in your iPhone's Photo Library.
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    That's the silliest thing I've evern heard. Why would someone take all that time to separate their photos into folders if they'll all appear in a single folder anyway? Shortcut or not, it's a folder that does not need to be there. And there's no way around this?
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    Regardless how many albums or folders of photos are selected to be transferred to the iPhone, all photos transferred to the iPhone via the iTunes sync process are stored in the iPhone's Photo Library, and there is no way around it. This provides for viewing the photos in an album or folder only by selecting the album or folder, or all photos available in all albums or folders by selecting Photo Library.
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    They appear in the Photo Library all together, and they are also separated by album.

    As in an actual library. The books are in the library and they are divided by subject. A book can be in the library and in the fiction section. There are not two books. The books are separated, but they are also all in the library.
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    I actually like having the Photo Library. If I want to show my friends a slideshow of my pics on the TV, I can just use the photo library and not the individual photo folders. Much easier. It's just another option, nothing more.
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    Yes, I understand that the library houses all the photos, and that they are not duplicates. While some may find having all the photos in a single folder helpful, I think there should at least be an option not to have it.
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    This is a far cry from saying it is the silliest thing you have ever heard and does not need to be there.

    I respect you thinking there should be an option not to have the Photo library but since all photos are stored in the Photo Library, the only option available would be not showing it and I'm not sure what would be gained by doing so or what difference it makes.
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    Saying that it’s the silliest thing I've ever heard was of course an exaggeration and wasn't meant to be taken literally. But I do still believe that the Photo Library does not need to be there. What I mean by this is that the Photo Library does not have to exist for other photos to be displayed. If it does, it is only because it was programmed that way.

    Having the option not to show it would probably not make any difference to most. It’s just that I don’t want it. If I had wanted a single folder with all my photos, I would have just created it - but that’s just me and my opinion. Now since it does exist and there’s no way around it, then that’s just the way it has to be.
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    shutup, its the dumbest thing ever, its been asked all over the web (google it if you dont' believe me) its been asked here aswell, AND asked on 'jailbreaking sites'

    no ones like a master folder that holds everything, otherwise it breaks the point of seperating them into subfolders, the idiot who said "well if i want to show my friend something i just whip the photo library out, better then an individual folder'

    actually its not, if you want a specific photo it would be easier to just go to that ACTUAL folder...with that ACTUAL picture

    Especially if they are pictures with different genres, i dont' want cartoon pics mixed with real people or what not

    the idiot whos repeating themselves like complaining about the option is NOT a 'duplication'. stop making it sound like an attack on yourself. Either help the person or stop spamming the thread with "its an exaggeration that blah blah blah"

    YES its not duplication but it feels like it, stop giving stupid examples of books in a library

    imagine if you were searching through a folder in a computer directory, you would GO to that folder and seek that SPECIFIC file out, not have a master folder that you have to sift stuff out of

    why do you think people created 3rd party programs eg. for ipod video?? (such as rockbox)

    to bypass itunes and just copy music over without this security rubbish AND to create folders to seperate stuff like a normal computer i.e a pc

    Not duplcated files? I DON'T CARE ITS ANNOYING !!!
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    I have seen what everyone is talking about on my father-in-law's iphone but not on mine or my wife's iphone. On our iphone we only have the Camera Roll and the album I created in iPhoto to sync with the iPhone. So my guess is that there is a way to not have the Photo Library on your phone, just can't find the difference between my phone and my father-in-law's. We also all sync to the same iMac.