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Any time one of our Panasonic DECT 6.0 cordless phones is used, my Airport Extreme Base Station drops the internet connection and flashes the orange light for about 3-5 minutes. This happens EVERY time the phone is used, whether calls are outgoing or incoming. The problem occurs within 5-10 seconds of either answering or initiating a call.
Does not matter where the phone is located. Could be on the main floor of our two floor home. The base station is upstairs on the second floor.
I have tried every channel methodically....same problem every time. I knew their were issues with older 2.4 GHZ phones but I upgraded to this new DECT phone to avoid the problem...and still have it! The phone itself has no switchable channels.

Any ideas This is a royal pain.

macpro, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    I have the same issue. Just installed and Airport Extremne this weekend (replacing a Linksys router) and now everytime the phone rings, or someone makes a call we loose all connectivity. I have a Mac, and extreme, two Airport Expresses (for Music streaming) and a PC laptop (work).
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    I've had the Airport Extreme N for well over a year now, and have relegated it's use to just a wired switch because of wireless dropouts when we receive a call on our Panasonic DECT phone. This happens whether I have disabled the wireless on it or not. In addition even when using it as a switch it still causes a momentary internet connection on the entire network until about 15-30 seconds into the call and then the connection recovers and all is fine until the next phone call. I'm putting up with it only until I can get a gigabit switch with more ports and then this thing is gone. It's my first and only apple product. Ironically I purchased it solely because it was an Apple product and figured I'd pay a premium for troublefree operation. I need to find an Apple appreciator without a DECT cordless phone that I can sell it to. To it's credit, it seems to be fine other than this issue, it's just a showstopper issue.
  • mjkelch Level 1 Level 1
    I fixed the interference problem by simply moving the base station away from the Mac. I know....too simple? But it worked.
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    I'm assuming by base station you mean the DECT Phone base station? I've tried that, I've moved the Airport Extreme all over the house, with no success.
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    No...I'm referring to the Apple base station. It is 5 feet away from my MacPro tower, instead of right next to it. The DECT phone base is downstairs on the ground level, with a satellite phone upstairs. The modem I'm using is a Speedstream 4200, which is connected directly to a phone jack (with no line filter) for my DSL service. The modem is connected to the Apple base station via Ethernet cable of course.

    I cannot explain it, but after that simple move, the problem is gone. We can initiate and answer the phone, even right in front of the base station, with no ill effects.