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I've been using my iTouch 1G for a year or so and it's worked flawlessly. Then today I went to use it and it's stuck on a loud volume. I tried adjusting the volume slider, but when it moves, the volume stays the same level. It won't adjust at all! I'm not sure what caused it but I might try restoring to see if that fixes it.

Any idea's?

1G, Windows Vista
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    Happened to me before. Try restoring. IF id doesnt work, try doing a hard reset on the ipod itself.
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    I was listening to my IPod one day and wondered if the volume button on the side would adjust the volume while listening or if it was just to increase volume when earphones weren't attatched. After adjusting the volume with with the button on the side the slider would no long increase/decrease volume. On a whim I powered off completely and then turned it back on. It apparently reset and the slider worked ok. Hope this works for you before trying a reset. I guess it's the old adage...when all else fails...reboot.
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    The same thing happened to me twice on my iPod Touch 2G and the first time I did a software restore through iTunes. The second time it happened (today) I just held the lock button on the top of the ipod until the shutdown screen came on, shut down the iPod and when I turned it back on all was right with the world!
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    I am having similar problems. The volume controller will go to maximum on its own and then when I slide it down to a more comfortable level it will slide on its own to maximum. Sometimes the sound icon comes onto the screen and just stays. I have turned it off and then on and the problem goes away for awhile. It happens more often when the battery runs down but less often when the battery is fully charged.
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    This happens to me sometimes. I just get a damp paper towel and clean the screen and that fixes it for me. Maybe dirt on finger smudges are affecting this.