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    Agree with mick mcmick. Sweat does not play a role anymore, if it ever did. I've worked with QC, QA and am engineer myself and bad designs and flaws are part of the design process. But to ignore the real issue and turn your back on customers who purchased a product and put faith in the product and brand is somewhat reflects a lack of integrity of the company and arrogance. It won't though stop my running and workouts, that's the good part.
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    I have had this and other control problems with my Shuffle and any solutions I've tried are short-term. I turned it in and got a new one. I got new headphones. I'm reading about the moisture/sweat problems - but this is happening to me even if I'm just walking on the treadmill. It happens in the first five minutes of a workout.
    I am going to turn in the Shuffle and try a Nano. I'm not seeing this type of complaint about that device.
  • morianas Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi Omellet,
    Apple has determined that the Apple Headphones with Remote included with the iPod shuffle (3rd gen) may fail under certain conditions. If your Shuffle has a certain serial number you can change your Headphones following this procedure:

    Hope this will solve your problem as it did for me.
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    For me I noticed my iPod shufle 3rd Gen, wouldn't work properly afetr a prolonged workout, it would stop, sudden change of song, etc etc, NOW today the volume cannot be decreased. I decided to let the thing dry for a while and see how it works later. If this fails, I'm marching down to the Apple Store to exchange the buds...

    .Apple or Non-Apple, its all questionably adequate technology. Demand better.
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    HI boss, i kept ma ipod shuffle in pocket and by mistake my mom has washed it by putting in washing machine, its bought in USA, so where can i get it serviced ... i am ant chennai , INDIA , is there any possibilty , ple help me out
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    Just did this - do we know if they actually fixed the problem or is this just replacing with the same thing and crossing fingers?
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    Recently purchased the 3rd Generation iPod Shuffle (Not a serial number included in the replacement program). I have not been able to get through one workout with this product without it failing due to moisture. I bought this shuffle to replace a Nano that never failed during a workout but required the use of an armband. There is clearly something wrong with this product as this is the first iPod, Walkman, Rio, Portable CD player I've ever had that failed during a workout. I was drawn to the small size and I assume most others also purchased this product for exercising. I have also tried both the Belkin Adaptor ($20) and the iLuv Adaptor ($10) and both failed during the first workout as well... usually about 30 minutes before it flakes out. Do not buy this product if you intend to use it exercise with! This is a lemon and should be avoided.
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    Im having the same problem too, my remote is not working. Does it helps if i follow the instructions of the [iPod shuffle (3rd generation) Troubleshooting Assistant]? Or should i just get a new one from apple?
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    I am also on my 3rd shuffle 3G. I have not used the supplied remote earbud that came with the shuffle 3g as I used my own earphone. You just have to set the volume and set it to play with the supplied eyebug remote before plugging in your own earphone.

    *I have experienced shorting out of my shuffle 3G even using my own earphones so the issue is not restricted to the supplied remote earphone. Sweat gets into the shuffle itself through the jack where you connect the earphone to the shuffle.* Hence no improvement of the earphone is going to resolve the issue. The shuffle 2G has the jack on the side of the device rather than on top like he 3G and I have not had issue with sweat getting into the shuffle 2G and causing th device to malfunction.
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    This is just ridiculous. What about my shuffle that doesn't fall under warranty? How is it that they provide you with such a cheaply made remote that messes up and renders the entire device useless? My shuffle doesn't fall in the replacement program's serial number range and it was a christmas gift. I'm very frustrated. How could Apple just turn it's back on it's customers like that as it totes itself as a premier company on the television?
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    I've had my 3G shuffle for about a year now and use it for running. I started experiencing the phantom volume adjustment after I purchased Bose ear buds in February - I thought I had faulty head phones so I went through the ordeal of contacting Bose to get them replaced. The new ear buds worked ok for a few runs but I noticed the volume controls stopped working yesterday towards the end of my run. I'm kind of relieved my ear buds aren't the culprit but I'm still disappointed my iPod is a P.O.S. I really liked the design and size of it.

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