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chinhster Level 1 (0 points)
Twice already when waking my two displays from sleep, the primary display will show just colored static, not the login window. The external display seems fine and shows just a blank screen. If I type in my password, the static goes away and the primary display shows the desktop. I can't reproduce the problem... it just happens (so far, infrequently).

I recently upgraded from an older Intel Mac Pro to a stock Early 2009 Mac Pro with 2 x 2.26 Quad-Core Xeon using the same two displays (a 19" Samsung and a 24" Dell) I had before. The 19" Samsung is connected via a mini displayport to DVI adapter and the 24" Dell is connected via DVI and is the primary display. My Mac never sleeps; only the displays sleep and I have it configured to require a password when waking from sleep or screen saver. I also have the Flurry screen saver enabled.

I basically unplugged my old Mac Pro and plugged in my new Mac Pro to my existing setup (displays, network, keyboard, mouse). This never happened with my old Mac Pro so I doubt that it's a problem with the 24" Dell (unless it's a huge coincidence that it started happening after I upgraded).

I want to reiterate that the 24" display is NOT connected via the mini displayport to DVI adapter, but through the DVI port. This problem happened once yesterday and once today and I've had the new Mac since Monday. I'd say my displays go to sleep about 6 times a day since I go in and out of my office often. The problem has yet to happen when I wake up the display first thing in the morning.

Early 2009 Mac Pro 2 x 2.26 Quad-Core Xeon, Mac OS X (10.5.6), 24" Dell display via DVI, 19" Samsung display via mini displayport to DVI
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    I am also seeing the colored static screen when my display wakes from sleep on my 2009 Mac Pro with 2x2.26 Quad-Core Xeon with the ATI Radeon HD 4870. I'm using a Gateway FHD2400 hooked up with a DVI cable to the Mac Pro's DVI out. Unlike your case, however, I see the static EVERY time the monitor wakes up. I'd been using this monitor with the same DVI cable on a 2007 Mac mini for over a year with no problems, so I don't think it's the monitor or the cable. I have to unplug and replug the DVI cable from the Mac Pro, then the static goes away and the monitor looks fine. Needless to say, that is getting annoying fast.
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    I'm also getting this same issue, if the display sleeps, and but the system is not in sleep. When I move the mouse to come out of sleep I get static. If I switch on the monitor on and off the image comes back. 2009 Mac Pro with 2x2.26 Quad-Core Xeon with the ATI Radeon HD 4870.

    Sounds like there is a bug with this configuration.
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    Enable the system preference for requiring a password to wake the computer from sleep or screen saver (System Preferences > Security). Next time you get the static from waking your display, enter your password and perhaps your display will return to normal. At least it does for me.
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    Yep - Me too - only happened once - GT120 with an LG L246WH 24" - I've since shifted to driving it via the VGA input rather than DVI/HDMI as that also fixed the resolution issue.
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    This just happened to me today. I came back from a long day and woke up my new Mac Pro 2.26 GHz configured with 12GB Ram and an ATI Radeon HD 4870 graphics card. My Apple LED display turned on with a black screen and two thick bars of static going across the screen. I had to force shut down to restart and then it was normal. I've noticed this before, but with in some open windows, and in small portions. Is it safe to say that this happens only when the display is connected to the mini display port? Or when it wakes up from sleep mode? I can't imagine this is only happening to a few of us. I hope it can get fixed with a software update and it isn't hardware related.
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    No. Imagine your TV turned on with no cable connected but instead of black and white noise, you get multicolored noise. The first time it happened, I rebooted the computer because I had no idea what had happened. The second (and last time) it happened, I figured the password dialog was up so once I entered my password, everything returned to normal.

    It's been about a week and it hasn't occured since I posted about it.
  • Patrick Britton Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi there.

    I have gotten it a few times myself. Seems like most of you have the ATI card, but I have the nvidia stock, and I've seen it. Usually I can just turn the monitor (connected over dvi) off and on. My solution was to kill the power save and just turn it off manually.
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    I have the same problem on my new MacPro. I have other machines that use this monitor fine. It only happens waking from black screen before the system has gone to sleep and it clears itself up on its own after about 30 seconds. Still, it is very annoying.
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    I have this problem as well. I set one of the expose corners to "sleep display" and just move the mouse there to reset the monitor.

    Completely random...
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    No, that's not the kind of static that I'm getting. It looks like this for me:

    I got a new ATI Radeon 4870 card from Apple, but it does the exact same thing. Everytime I wake the computer from sleep, it displays the static until I replug the DVI cable.
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    Me too! Got my Mac Pro Quad 2.93/Nvidia GT 120 about a week ago. The only thing I did that was not "vanilla" was that I used Migration Assistant to move my account from the Mac mini. Prior to that, used my Dell 2407 monitor with a Mac mini and never had this problem. I have the MP set to sleep but not require a password when waking. I don't remember this happening the first couple of days, but for the last few days it happens almost every time I wake the Mac. Pressing a key or moving the mouse doesn't help but a single mouse click has given me the desktop every time. This doesn't seem to be a monitor or video card issue since as reported here it is happening with both the ATI and Nvidia cards and with several brand/model of monitor. Mine is connected by DVI, but it looks like people have had problems with either DVI of displayport, is that right? Apple, is there a bug in this model?

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    I'm seeing this as well.. I'm running 2 monitors (30" Dell, 24" Dell) - 30" connected to DVI, 24" connected to mini-dvi.

    Is anyone at Apple looking into this?
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    Add me to the list with this same issue on my new MacPro dual 2.26. I have 3 of the GT-120 video cards running 6 monitors, and I have seen this happen a couple of times when waking from sleep, but only affecting 1 or 2 of the monitors (both 24" Samsung). I get rid of the static either by turning the affected monitors off and back on, or by opening Dashboard and closing it.

    I am guessing this is a problem somewhere in the system software that will hopefully go away with the 10.5.7 upgrade. Is anybody here involved in testing that beta release, who can determine whether that problem goes away with the upgrade?
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