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My wife purchased some songs on our old computer using her Apple ID consisting of her work email and a password. We now have a new computer and I imported our itunes music library to the new machine. My wife cannot recall her password, and her email is inactive because she changed jobs. What can I do to fix the problem of some songs not syncing to our ipods because it says we are "not authorized" to play them on the new computer?

Dell, Windows XP Pro
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    Since your post says "SOME" songs won't sync, I assume others will so you probably have authorized the new computer. I still have a similiar unresolved post wherein a song won't play because my computer isn't authorized yet when I attempt to authorize the computer I receive a message, "This computer is already authorized." In addition, have you checked to make sure that the songs indeed aren't synced to your computer? I also received a message that 3 songs could not sync yet somehow they magically appeared on my Ipod and did play without any problem.
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    My situation is a bit different. My wife and I use the same iTunes library. She purchased hundreds of songs over the last few years while logged in as her and using her Apple ID and password. Those songs are in our library, but won't sync to our ipods because they are not authorized on the new computer. We can't type in her ID and password to authorize her account because she can't recall her password and can't remember the answer to the password "help" function. What a mess!