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Ever since I updated Itunes my audio and video have sync problems. My video is slightly behind the audio. I did not have this problem before the update and I've gone through and performed all/any recommendations to resolve the problem but so far I still have this problem. The sync problems are not there on my Ipod only in Itunes. What can I do once I've exhausted all the suggestions?

I know others are having the problems since I searched through the forums already but so far as I can tell no one has a resolution. I'm hoping someone can come up with a resolution.

Dell, Windows Vista
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    Does anyone know if apple is working on this? I wish I had never updated Itunes. I didn't have this sync/audio problem before. Does anyone have a fix for this that is not listed in apple's support faq? Their solutions are not fixing it.

    Please someone out there help those of us who are having this problem.

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    I'm having this problem too.

    I recently received a new computer. I did not have this issue with the old computer, but am having issues with the new computer. My video podcasts are out of sync when I replay them. I do not have this issue with watching movies only podcasts.

    The video runs slower than the audio. It doesn't matter if the video is in the foreground or the background. I have updated my video drivers, but that hasn't changed anything. It doesn't matter if the replay is in a separate window or the itunes window. I tried increasing the streaming media buffer size – no good. I even reinstalled itunes and it hasn't fixed the problem.

    I turned off the itunes sound enhancer. I tried to adjust the sound card’s accelerator (control panel > sounds and audio devices > volume > speaker settings, advanced > performance).

    Any help would be appreciated. This is really annoying. I can force the video and audio to sync by pausing the video podcast, but I have to do that every couple minutes.

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    Same problem here. It is getting to the point that I cannot watch any of the $100 in movies I purchased recently to watch. Since I cannot play them in any other player I am stuck. So far it seems the support side of i tunes is of low class. I have waited a week for a response to many other problems. These constant updates have actually turned my i tunes into a massive resource hog when it's running. I wouldn't complain if for the fact I have nearly $1,000 invested into it.