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have time capsule with dual networks, macbook pro with n enabled connected to 5ghz network with full bars, yet while copying files to the time capsule, it seems slow

500kbs per second
about 7 min to copy a 744mb file to time capsule (according to finder)

time capsule connected via ethernet to 2wire 2701hg modem + wireless router ( wireless turned off )
configure ipv4 using : dhcp
ethernet wan port: automatic
connection sharing : share a public ip adress
ipv6 : link local only

wireless options
country - mexico
multicast rate - high
transmit power - 100%
use wide channels

any ideas?

thanks in advance

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    ok, i downgraded to 7.4 and do have a bit of a speed boost
    I used to transfer to the TC about 500kbs max, and now it seems to be around 1000kbs
    from my understanding, this is still much slower than it should be, specially for a 5ghz network

    istumbler says the signal is 37% with 9% noise on channel 0
    the 2.4 dual network is 45% on channel 11
    and there are 2 more networks on channel 6 and 4

    im not sure what to make of these numbers, hopefuly someone can tell me

    thanks in advance
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    In the Manual Setup->Advanced->Logs and Statistics page of Airport Utility you'll find information on wireless signal quality for each client connected. Primarily, signal quality will determine the connection speed of your file transfers, the best you can do to improve things is to find a wireless channel with the least interference, Manual Setup->Wireless.

    My Macbook Air connection is showing -66 Signal, -89 Noise, 122 Rate which gives me a wireless file transfer rate in bursts from 500kbps to 22Mbps. Time Capsule is not the fastest combo device, even file transfers over LAN Ethernet are around 50% slower than a regular Airport Extreme and I've found transfers to the disk from a GigE connected Mac Pro top out at around 60Mbps.

    The Time Capsule is more useful as a convenience tool than speed I think so just be patient.
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    using the airport wireless client log i have

    Signal -81
    Noise -98
    Rate -6

    not sure what to make out of it though, its transfering a bit slower than last time i tried, less than 500kbps
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    My new TC is also slow. I am not able to say the speed. It took 12 min for 3GB to transfer. Is there any configuration changes to improve the speed ?

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    takes me 10 min to move 295 mb, i would be very happy with your speed
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    I agree that the transfer rate is better for me But it is not acceptable speed for both of us !
    One thing to note is that the internet speedtest shows 15-20MBps. I don't know if that means anything
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    Mac OS X
    I had slow transfer rates and many dropped TC connections after upgrading the TC firmware to 7.4.1. This became so frustrating and after checking the forum I saw that many others had similar problems after upgrading to 7.4.1.

    I downgraded back to 7.3.2 and everything cleared up. Still good after 5 days. I think I'll stay with 7.3.2 until the next Apple upgrade but will wait to see if that one is good or not so good.

    To downgrade the firmware, you use Airport Utility. Go to Manual Setup and click on Firmware to reveal older versions.
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    Time Capsule "just works" but unfortunately it is not the "best".

    I used to have an airport extreme and found out that it was really limiting my network.

    dont believe me? Cnet has rated a lot of the routers out there.
    http://reviews.cnet.com/routers/d-link-xtreme-n/4505-3319_7-33246906.html?tag=mn col;lst

    scroll down to the bottom to see the performance charts.

    Time capsule is a great device for storage and wide access..just dont expect speed records.

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    Ive noticed that MY macbook pro has slower rates to the time capsule than a slightly older macbook and the new aluminum macbook pro

    could my hardware be dirty or something?