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I have an old Power Macintosh G4 FW800, received without a hard drive. After connecting an old Western Digital I knew I'd need to format the drive using my old OS 9.2.2 disc.

(This is a point in itself- I remember reading that my FW800 model has questionable support for OS9, but that 9.2.2 discs were included in case OSX caused problems. My machine should be able to boot the disc ok, surely?)

Regardless of this, my problem lies in the keyboard compatibility. I am greeted with a flashing question mark on a folder, then the finder logo. Standard fare for computers without operating systems. The flashing folder motif is very much in the old Mac OS 9 style; it isn't a light grey background in the pinwheel style that OS X was graced with.

I'm aware that when I turn the thing on I am to hold the C key as soon as I hear the Startup chime, but as of yet none of the USB keyboards I have used have met any response. The lock lights all flash when the machine is first turned on, but after this I can get no response from them. Pushing the CAPS LOCK key, for instance, does not turn on any lights.

My question, therefore, is- what keyboard do I need to ensure the Mac ROM will recognise input? I've already tried a slim logitech keyboard, a cheap no-label one and (desperately) my G15. None have met with any more response than any other.

Ideally, I want to avoid being robbed by expensive shiny Apple hardware. This is a hobby machine and at the moment even the cheapest eBay seller wants £20 for an apple keyboard, so are there any cheaper alternative brands that will work as well? All I need to do is push the **** 'C' key, so I don't want to break the bank.

Thanks for reading. Any answers will be considered.
Many thanks, PODMANS

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Power Macintosh G4, Mac OS 9.2.x, (I think?)