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Every time I turn on the computer I get a message from Windows telling me that Apple Sync Notifier.exe failed to start. [0xc0000005] I've tried to start it manually and I get the same message. It simply won't start. As a result I cannot sync my ITouch anymore with ITunes because I get an error message that AppleMobileDeviceHelper has stopped working.

PC, Windows Vista, Vista Ultimate
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    EDIT - read problem incorrectly

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    I have this problem also, i tried to fix it by reinstalling itunes, but it did not solve the problem.
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    Yep. Its still in your start up so go to Start, then to Run. Type in MSCONFIG and when the window comes up find the start up tab. Go there and uncheck the Apple Sync. Notifier and then click Apply.

    Once done you'll need to restart the computer. If you get a message up on the screen on the next start up its not a big deal. Just check that box telling it not to tell you again. This message comes up each time you make changes to the start up instructions so once checked it should be done showing you that error message. Good luck.

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    By the way. It sounds like something corrupted your program somehow. Most of the time its from removing a program in the add remove programs menu of the control panel. If you recently uninstalled/reinstalled Bonjour, Itunes or the Apple Sync. Notifier it may be necessary to reinstall those or go to the control panel to click on repair if that option is offered when you click it to highlight it. This can also be the result of some registry cleaners and if you have one that removed a part of it you may need to find that in the history and opt to have it restored or click undo. Some don't have a history and some do though and again its all hit or miss as to what caused this. Usually something had to take place to corrupt it from working but of course it can be many things. Without knowing more thats about the best I can do to try to help you. Again good luck with it. Been there myself and finally reinstalled Itunes in my case that solved my problem. Your solution may or may not be the same. In the mean time at least you can most likely get rid of the pesky error message.
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    what is the apple sync button

    all i see is "itunes", "mobileme", and "quicktime"

    should i just choose itunes?