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Hey guys, I was hoping somebody could provide me a solution to this...
When I connect my iPhone via usb to my MacBook, it starts charging and it even opens up iPhoto, but I can't put songs into my iPhone (not 3G) because its not showing up in iTunes...

I've gone through the trouble shooting assistant on apple.com and its not working....

I recently upgraded to iTunes 8 when this happened....
What's going ON?!

MacBook 2.0 GHz, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    This might be one of those "too simple to try" ideas, and if you've tried it, then forgive me.

    Try ALL of your available USB ports on the computer. Try using someone else's (A friends) cable. Try plugging it in to someone else's (again, a friend, colleage) computer.

    I have had a couple of instances where iTunes thought my phone was an iPod... I just restarted the phone while it was unplugged from the computer and then re attached. Once it said that no iPhone was present, but I repeated the "procedure" and the problem went away.

    Good luck
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    Close iTunes, and unplug and turn off your phone. Hold down the home button on the iPhone, and keeping it held down plug your iPhone into your MacBook. Wait until a screen appears with a USB cable and an arrow pointing to an iTunes icon. This means the phone is in recovery mode. Open iTunes. iTunes should recognize a device in recovery mode. From there, you will have to do a restore.