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I am having problems with my itunes, it will import music but it will not burn any music for me. I have tried to uninstall then reinstall itunes 3 times but I cannot get it to burn any music at all. Does anyone know how to fix this please let me know


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    i need help please somebody answer me
  • Andrew T. Level 4 Level 4
    Hello, Welcome to Apple Discussions.

    Have you downloaded and installed iTunes 8.1? If not you can obtain the new version below.

    Do you by chance also have Nero Burning Rom Software installed? If so you may wish to reset the burn rights in nero. More information about this can be found in the previous discussion link below.

    Tip provided by Tytus

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    How do you do this in Vista?
  • Nancy Hanks Level 1 Level 1
    There is a huge thread with people having this problem since March 14. Roy from Apple was not able to provide the answer. Tytus from Italy figured it out. I reset burn rights with Nero and am burning again, but the people without Nero don't know what to do. Andrew T please help out Roy and give these poor people an answer.
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    I finally figured out how to get iTunes to burn CD's on my laptop. My general CD/DVD writer is Roxio Easy CD/DVD Creator 6 (old version, I realize). This Roxio 6 + iTunes works fine on my other laptop which has Windows XP SP2. My problem laptop has SP3 for what it's worth. Anyway, installing Roxio 6 seemed to wipe out the LowerFilters and UpperFilters registry entries except for its own (Cdr4_xp and Cdralw2k, respectively). I deduced that iTunes wants the entry "GEARAspiWDM" in the UpperFilters entry, and I added it with the registry editor. Voila, iTunes can now burn CD's. I have noticed that GEARAspiWDM is in other folks' registries who were still having problems. FYI, the two registry entries look like this:

    Name Type Data
    LowerFilters REGMULTISZ Cdr4_xp
    UpperFilters REGMULTISZ Cdralw2k GEARAspiWDM

    Hope this helps!
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    This post was intended for another thread, very sorry!
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    I have installed the newest version of ITUNES but it still says no disc recording found
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    This wont work for Vista.
    Please help!!
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    *Using NERO 9 to reset burn rights worked!*

    Had the same issue - updated 3 days ago to iTunes and got the dreaded 'disc burner or software not found'. Did pretty much everything but tore my Dell apart... tried this fix and it worked!

    Please everyone, don't ruin your PCs... reset burn rights.

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    Thank goodness that I stumbled across this forum by accident following a never ending search on Google. I'm also grateful that thanks to a previous poster a solution to my problem of receiving the message "Disc burner or software not found" following installing the latest version of iTunes.

    There were so many solutions offered e.g. removing Daemon Tools (which I have never heard of let alone go installed) plus numberous registry fixes which I wasn't too keen on. The solution was to download and install the Nero application Burning Rights which another poster mentioned a few pages back. Whilst the link states it is only for Nero version 6 and I have version 7 Essentials I thought well nothing ventured nothing gained. After running this application, selecting All Users (Administer would have also done it) and then using the Reset radio button iTunes returned to normal and I am once again able to burn CD's. Such a simple solution - I'm surprised that Apple haven't released an update to sort out this problem at this time. But that's it now - never again will I update iTunes, as my dear ole dad used to say "don't fix what aint broken". It seems that every time another version of iTunes is released things that are presently working get broken. Someone ought to have a chat with their QC engineers me thinks.

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