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I have the used an HP inkjet successfully with my Airport Extreme plugged in via usb. I recentley bought the HP1319f all-in-one. I installed the software. When I went to the printer setup utility, it is recognized and appears, as well as the Airport location, bonjour, and the Print Using is correct.

When I click "Add" I always get the spinning beachball, and it never completes. I've restarted the airport, and the printer, but it still won't get past this step. When I plug the printer directly into my imac, it works fine. My imac is wired to the Airport (no wireless card.) I really need it to work though the airport as my previous HP did, since we mostly use the ibook.

imac g4 17, ibook g4, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
  • John Galt Level 8 Level 8
    When USB all-in-ones work with an Express, only the print function works. Some all-in-ones won't even do that, and it sounds like yours is one of them.
    I really need it to work though the airport as my previous HP did,

    *There are no* HP products that work as well as they used to. I'm using Herculean strength to not go off on an HP rant here.

    If you want to get a printer on your network, spend another $10 and get a network printer. There are better and cheaper ones from manufacturers actually interested in supporting OS X.

    My Herculean strength is weakening, so it's time to hit the Post button.
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    ****, I have to ship this thing back. Is there a laser printer all-in-one that likes os x, even on a PPC imac?
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    Would this work? I think this is what you mean by a "network" printer -


    It's not an HP at least...

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    Your M1319f uses a host-based printer language. See HP specs here. It means your printer must be connected directly to a host computer via a USB cable. The printer driver controls some very low-level functions on the printer, and timing are critical, that's why it won't work across a network.

    The printers that will work with Airport BS doesn't have to be a network printer. As long as it support a proper printer emulation language, it will work across the network. Everything in the Apple online store should work. I used the apple store as a compatibility guide.
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    Daniel Heyman wrote:
    Would this work?


    I like Brother's products in general. One reviewer on Amazon's website wrote that the scanning function doesn't work over the network, so perhaps you should research that concern before committing to a purchase. The Apple Store is a good place to start.

    The Express's USB port should be considered an easy way to get inexpensive inkjet printers on your network, so if you already have one of them it's a great network printing solution. If you're buying a new printer though, the price difference between cheap USB only ones and those with a built-in network interface is becoming too small to justify not buying a true network printer.

    HP's OS X software is inferior to its Windows counterparts, to say nothing of the (in my opinion) declining quality of their hardware. While HP apparently ignores a significant and growing market segment, other manufacturers like Brother are actively pursuing it.

    There I go again...
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    Thanks guys, I'm going to try the Brother and see how it works. I don't often scan, I've never been successful in doing anything with a scanned file... I can probably just hook it up to the imac if I really need to scan once a year.
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    Please let us know how that one works for you.

    I don't scan much either, but like any tool, when you need it you need it now. Scanned images result in a TIFF file which is uncompressed. You can use any number of programs to manipulate and convert it to other formats. Graphic Converter is one.