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I just got my first laptop, but have used my CPU for years. I'd like to connect my laptop to the internet, remotely (no wires or cables) at home and when I visit cafes.

What is the difference between Airport and Bluetooth? Isn't Airport that little box you have to buy? Which ones is used while "on the road/at cafes, etc.?"

Why would I want to set up Airport? Is it meant to have two computers "seeing" each other or just to access the internet? What can it do?

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    Airport is the name of the WiFi system of Apple. Airport is basically WiFi
    802.11 a/b/g/n. That little white box is named Airport Extreme base station and it's main function is to be a routeur (in addition to other things - see apple's Airport Extreme page). and that's using WiFi which you will need in order to have a wireless network. by setting up airport you will be able to have a network at home (computers + internet ...)

    Bluetooth is a different type of wireless connection nothing to be compared to WiFi
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    As vk2109 stated, "AirPort" is Apple's marketing term for Wifi (wireless networking).

    "AirPort" is used for wireless network connections. You can have a wireless router at home and connect with no wires or you can be at a hotel, the coffee shop, etc., and connect wirelessly.

    Apple makes several wireless base stations to make creating a home network easy. See http://www.apple.com/wifi/

    Bluetooth is a wireless technology for connecting devices together over short distances. Typically connections are computer to mouse, keyboard, or cell phone. Also Bluetooth is used between some cell phones and Bluetooth headsets.

    Why would I want to set up Airport? Is it meant to have two computers "seeing" each other or just to access the internet? What can it do?

    It can do all that.
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    So, in order to get internet access on my laptop at home, I'll need Airport Extreme at $179 or to use my phone line? Those are my only options?

    And, to access WiFi, at a cafe, they'll have all this set up, right? All I will need to do is obtain their login/password info, and the internet access will work without all these other devices?
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    there are plenty of routeurs in the market...apple has 2 other routeurs
    http://www.apple.com/wifi/ in addition to the Extreme Base Station.

    look at what you exctly need and you can decide upon. you can use other
    brands like Linksys, Netgear, D-Link if you don't want to purchase the AEBS

    To use your phone line you will need to buy a modem

    Yes at an internet cafe you will just need the SSID and password