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kreutsler Level 1 (0 points)
I would like to send pictures via text message...is there anyway to do that? I'm a newbie to all this.

acer laptop, Windows Vista
  • r.cloud Level 3 (810 points)
    Not currently email is the only way, count down the days till OS3.0 is released it's meant to contain MMS
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    This is one of the most asked and answered questions on this forum.

    The forum search bar is on the right. Type "MMS" into it and you will find countless threads on this.

    Sending pics vis text is called MMS and is not the same as texting (SMS).

    E-mail is the way to handle sendinf and recieving pics on iphone. Again, a forum search will reveal how.

    The software update slated for this summer is announced to include MMS.
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    Right now, there is no way to send pictures as "text messages." An update to iPhone OS 3.0 that will be released in the summer will give iPhone 3G owners the ability to send and receive MMS (multimedia messages). Pictures fall under the category of MMS. This will only be for the iPhone 3G, not the original iPhone.

    A current workaround is to send pictures to a phone's email address. For example, a cell phone with a phone number of (123)456-7890 would have an email address of 1234567890@carrierserver.com, where carrierserver.com is the carrier's domain. You would have to find out which carrier the recipient is on, and what that carrier's emailing domain is.
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    Here is an article from the apple support website that might help out.


    Hope this helps.