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In Itunes, I have chosen to manually manage music and videos by checking the box on the Summary tab. When I delete music or update song information in my Itunes library and then sync, the changes do not occur on my Ipod touch. Should the changes happen automatically even though I have opted to manage music manually? If so, can someone suggest how to rectify my problem? I am running Windows XP, Itunes 8.1 and 2.2.1 on my Ipod Touch.

Thanks in advance!!

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    by having the manually manage music box checked iTunes will not update music on your iPod without doing it manually. So if you delete a song in iTunes it will remain on your iPod until you delete it yourself. Likewise if you change song information it will not update the iPod's file.

    If you want this to happen automatically uncheck that box and do an automatic setup. Remember you can pick and choose playlists if you are limited on space.