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OK, when using the phone the mic dosn't work. I can be heard on speakerphone or through a bluetooth headset (thats all I have so I haven't tried any others.) but I can't be heard just using the normal phone function. Using applications that utilize the mic work fine (like 'shazam'). Prior threads make an inference that the phone needs to be replaced. They also say that I need to backup my files and apps on iTunes before i go to the store. OK, can anyone tell me how to do that? I find iTunes useability leaving a great deal to be desired. Can anybody help me??

3G, Other OS
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    For info on backing up not to mention restoring your iPhone
    Seems a bit weird that the mic works in speakerphone but not normally but for that part i have to bow out i haven't been in or seen discussions in regard to it but hopefully the above link at least gives you the backup information you where after. Otherwise the only advice i would give would be to try the usual re-boot/reset/restore advice that solves a lot of issues after the 3R's the genius is the next step
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    I have rebooted (turned completely off and turned back on) as I do this at least weekly, but it dosent seem to help. Thanks for the link though!
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    I seem to have exactly the same problem with my iphone. The mic on my iphone doesn't seem to work except when I'm either on speakerphone or have my headset plugged in. I basically can't be heard at the other end. Have you been able to fix iPhone? If so, please let me know how.

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    Hi, I hvae the sma eproblem with my IPhone 3G. This only occured3 days ago.
    The Mic just stopped working, but the speaker phone works fine during calls. i.e. when making/receiving calls the other side cannot hear me.
    I tried trouble shooting every possible step advised by Apple i.e. trying this with my other mobile; replacing the SIM, restoring as well as erasing all content and restoring to factory settings- ut nothing has worked.
    My phone is hardly 7 months old and have bought it at an exorbitant price trusting the Apple brand!!!,
    Now i've given my phone back to the cell company-Aitrel that i bought the phone from and the treatment and professionalism is absloutely astounding.
    the clerk gave me a 'hand written' receipt fot the most expensive phone on their counter as a service receipt saying the phne should be ready in 20 days after a service and check
    I need and want a bloody replacement or my money back...I think Apple/iphone is a big rip off....I could a bought a chinese immitation for quarter the price and got the same service!!!!
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    I'm having the same issue, and I'm not having any luck finding a solution. I've even restored it to factory settings. I really would like someone to give a fix for this issue!
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    Genius bar again just gave me a new phone.